Saturday, September 25, 2010

merely a short post

This is merely a short post. Im just back from MUET Workshop, it's a packed and terrible day. But but but it's not that terrible with a very nice faci Mr Vicnes. Eheh. He's hot. Keh keh keh. So the mood is still in the air, I mean after attending the whole day of english surrounding. And I'm even sentence to death talking fully english. MUET just around the corner, a month and half something so need to practice it. Sis Asiah asked me to score Band 5. But Band 5 doesn't seems that easy. Okay, that's enough of crap.

What i'm gonna tell you guys???

Some of my friends ask me, "weh tak sayang ke blog lame ade la jugak 100++ followers and now nak tulis blog baru."

Yela, I know 100++ is nothing compare to you and others who got ribu riban followers. Tapi nak wat cemane I'm not anymore comfy to write on the blog. But I do love it my dear oldie one. Huuu, it's part of my life. I jot it down there. I don't even know why exactly the reason but this is the feeling that I want to start something new. That's it. Tak kesahla tak ramai follower, itu bukan persoalannya. Hurm. Kalau ditakdirkan blog ni ada followers pun, I'm surely bear with it. It's not a big deal. By the way, it's a sort of satisfy when there are people who like to know and read our craps ryte? Haha.

Okay, next. Regarding the story. For those who read and know me they asked me to make it in a novel form. Wallaweyh, im so busy selalu macam lipas kudung hape ke bende nye nak tulis novel. Haduh, but me too really hope that i can make it in novel form. Means that need to expand it more and more, touch up little here and there, adding some more characters, put up some conflicts! Hey, it's not easy. Huhuhu. Akan difikirkan, lepas tamhidi kalau ada banyak masa la instead of nak fly ke Joden Penang lagi keje kepsy. Ouh seronoknye makan kepsy hari- hari. Ouh gemokla saya gedebab!

Hey Dear,
It's maybe beautiful when our hearts speak inside and we write it down. We spill in the way that we satisfy, without no fear and shatter. Feels the heart whisper and swell, sometimes it's the thing that we want it end up that way this way, we create it, we write it. If it's not lying on the state of truth it's still in the pieces of paper. The soul of art. Haha. Dahla. Banyak lagi keje nak buat ni. Endless crap. Sigh. 

Come, walk with me.

The guy that can make use the wide words to spill out their feeling, makes my night become longer. Ohh, so pathetic. Seindah ciptaan Tuhan yang memberi ilham. Sing me a song, kapok!

Lastly, short post lah sangat! :)

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