Friday, November 12, 2010

one good thing


Good things come to those who wait. * Tiba- tiba *

Howdy peeps, tomorrow is 13th Nov so im gonna sit for the heaven yeah MUET. Nothing much to mumble here, it's just sharing point of view. I'm bloghopping to sort of tremendous jugaklah. Situ sini, sini situ. And visiting to junior's blogs too. Most of people put up songs on their page. And I was like man, they dragged me to the ___________. 

I don't know what to spell here, it's just I want to say. I used to feel the way u guys feel whenever I put songs in my blog. I used to put my fav songs at the oldie one such as Miley's, Taylor's, Switchfoot's never out of the list. But here, not yet unless Maher Zain, or nasyeed sorta.

To be truth, I am still craving for all those song. Still. So bad. And yet they are inside almost my gadgets. I just remember this, my ustaddddddddddddd ever said this "Kalau nak dengar lagu ke apa, dengarlah sorang- sorang. Buatlah dosa sorang- sorang. Tak payah nak ajak orang laen sekali." Cause that time there was a classmate use a song as ringtone and it's ringing in the class. So, same goes here.

That is why I'm not putting any song here, I mean that kind of lagha song. Ehehehehehehehehehe. Panjang sket ehehe tuhh. So don't drag others to feel the blast of the bad feeling. Hurm. Aku pun tak tahu aku cakap ape nih.

And one day, I hope so there is a guy that legally as my superduper man will say this whenever I'm stick to iPOd or whatsoever :

"Enti dengar lagu ape tuhh?" Sambil tarik iPod and check the song lists.

"Ya Allah, ape ni enti. Enti still dengar lagu band- band nih? Tak baiklah enti, please diminish it all enti. I'll let u choose whether u delete it all in front of me or I will do it by myself !" Hoih, garangnya. That time, muke seposen pun dah tak laku.

" Enti pilih skang. Kalau tak ana tak nak kawan, " 

" Okay, ana delete nih. Seeeeeee................" Then, I'll diminish it all. Ahahaha.

Yelah, dia layan Ghamidi, Sudais aje. Band- band nih jargon.

Angau overboard tuhh atyrahhhh. Get a griplah, esok MUET! (=

- macam cute je ana enta enti tuh. Demam ke ape? Yelah, esok MUET.


haena said...

buat elok2 ye sayang!pastu jgn lupa dtg umah..bawa la sekali ngan rombongan meminang ea?!lol!

Tyra Hanim said...

ye la sayang..

rombongan meminang? Sure, bos!

harta karun bagai nnti ai bawak jugak! (=

sastraboy said...


suka gila entri ni. serius.


suka gila!!


ouh lupa,

assalamualaikum (:

Tyra Hanim said...


suka eah? Part mana yg suka tuh? Btw, maseh (=

Waalaikumussalam (=

Nawal Atifah said...

hehe..betol3..kadang g blog orang,tetibe kuar lagu..sikit punyer kuat..adeh..dulu ske gak letak lagu dlm bile g blog org n x ske denga bisnig2, da x letak lagi dah kat blog..lau kite x ske org wat cmtu,so kite jgn la wat kt org gak kn? ^^,

Tyra Hanim said...

ha ah kan nawal. Da la hard, hadui. Hehe. Betul betul betul. Omputeh kate what goes around comes around, hehe (=

sastraboy said...



Tyra Hanim said...

ade- ade je kamu ni (=