Sunday, December 26, 2010

English Royals Debate : Lets make a move!


Okay, mari kita sambung bercerita ye? Grasping of what I'm going to tell u guys? Click HERE before u proceed with this. Hadeh, oksigen! Saya perlukan oksigen. Letih kot, muka sunburn suda, tadi practice futsal dekat Pavilion ( Pusat Sukan USIM ). Kali ni jadi striker, haha. 
Striker yang cepat pancit. Lame ta maen, ouh ya.Demi TSU, kalau menang boleh wakil masuk Liga Futsal kot. BESH! Heee (=


" I'm feeling like I don't belong to this place. Seriously I am wishing that whenever I open my eyes, I am not here. Maybe at D323, or maybe somewhere else but not here. "

Itulah bicara hatiku. Cehh, terer kot hati aku berbicara dalam enggelish bagai. Haha. Naseb baek la ade teammates yang sentiasa memberi support dan senioritas yang suka buat lawak gaban yang menutup segala resah gelisah di jiwa.

" Let's do it, we just want to have fun instead of learning something new, "

It's not secondary school debate which u got the title three week before the date, u know which side u are, which speaker u are. When it comes to royals u know the motions, and decide all those things in totally fatal 30 minutes before it starts. Got it? U never have a slight idea what's the motions about and so on. That is why, I'm freaking out. No kidding. Not even a bluff. And we have 20++ universities altogether to fight for the battle.

morning, breakfast together

Shoot : Sis Ratna

Motion's screen

US :)

We, consist of me, Saiful, Amirul and Safwan are USIM Junior 2. Kalo uni laen eventhough dorang under junior tapi they're consist of second third year. And we? FOUNDATION. So, don't expect us too much. We're totally newbies in Australasian ( debate format ), we're not aiming the goblet. Huu.

Haish, ta ley na upload gambar ni. Ta best kan? I wish to show u guys all the pics, ta pe lah. Story dulu, nanti try upload gambar lagi. Okay so the first motion was :

TH would endorse the right to nuclear weapon.
Vs : IIUM Junior 2
Side : Government
Speakers : Saiful, Amirul, Safwan.
Reply Speech : Amirul
Motions : Fall ( means : we lost )

Second : 

TH would not give mandatory death to it's drug traffickers.
Side : Opposition
Speakers : Saiful, Atyrah, Safwan
Reply Speech : Atyrah
Motions : Fall ( we won )

Third :

TH will make dating websites compensates for cheated spouses
Vs : UMK Junior 1
Side : Government
Speakers : Atyrah, Amirul, Safwan
Reply Speech : Amirul
Motions : Fall ( we lost )

Fourth, screwed motions! Fengsannn~

Something related to financial liberalisation, cant remember the motions. Pretty long.
Vs : UTP
Side : Opposition
Speakers : Saiful, Amirul, Safwan
Reply Speech : Amirul
Motions : Accepted ( we lost )

Last :

TH would give the right to election's candidates to share the constituency of extremely close votes margin.

Vs : UMK Junior 2
Side : Oppostion
Speakers : Saiful, Amirul, Atyrah
Reply Speech : Amirul
Motions : Fall ( we won )

So, we won 2 out of 5 round in the preliminary and didn't break to quarter. Sokay, first attempt. So, I've experienced the first, second, and third speaker. And I think my best position is Second, third okay jugak. They said I am sarcastic enough to be the third, haha. BRAG. Love it to be the third. Tapi I prefer more second. And first speaker! I'll ruin your bench if Im being the first. Gross! Haaa. 

I've never expected this to happen between us___________________

To be continue. (=

Peeps, ade orang tu totally brag by saying that now he realised that so many people loves him. Duh, haha. Vain la you. Perasan.


amierul said...

Menda la yang kau merapu kan debate??..ngee~

Tyra Hanim said...

haha, byk kan aku merapu. SIap bersiri2 lagi tuh.


Best sangat! (=