Monday, December 13, 2010

off UIA and 42 days MC


Howdy. What a weird title huh? I know. Laugh out loud.

I tend to write something that can make me brightly smile here, but then it's mixed up. Overwhelm with blissful but still there is slight pain that apparently wipe out all the blast. Hurm. I started to realise and say yea its true, whenever we got something we'll lost something. That is thing that we need to bear, that is also the way life goes and flow. 

Buddy. I am so thankful I mean seriously, I got sisters and brothers in a blink of eyes, so much blast with them. I learned and still learning lots of things with them, jokes that can make me grin all the way home. Sis Ratna, Sis Ainil, Sis Zwen, Sis Faye, Sis Farah, Bro Fawwaz, Bro Fazli, Safwan, Saiful, Mirul, Fizin. I have so much fun with them, they make up almost my days recently. Thanks so much for that, they care about me ways too lenient. And I appreciate that. 

Back to the title, off UIA  and 42 days MC. What the heck is that? Haha. They ( read : names that I mentioned before ) like to tease me. That previous day, I told them that I'm gonna move out to UIA to pursue my degree next year. And they such persuade me not to leave, everybody was like shot all the utterances out sorta and I said " Masalahnya, somebody is waiting for me there! ". Start from that, not even an hour without them making fun of it, UIA thingy. Dah penat dah aku blushing- blushing bagai. Revlon, Avon semua ade! Blushing for unreasonable conviction. Gross! 

Here is kinda confession that I want to declare, there is nobody waiting for me at UIA. Neither Gombak, nor PJ. THERE IS NOBODY. Once again, NOBODY. I am single and not mingle eah. LOL. Again also 42 days MC. Har har har. This one is so funny.

Sis Ratna said :

"She's got another one instead of UIA. The one who got 42 days MC "

Nah, here is another crap rumour! Bab- bab gossip bagi dorang. I'm not stick to any of them.

And this one to all of u ( None any of u perhaps ), I maybe not give a damn if it's a commonly mistakes because I know I make mistakes too. But, I can't cope with all those things that u purposely do on behalf of hurting me. Way too much, and I noted that. I need time to heal, I need time to stitch these scars. Enough said. I'm not easy.

Okay, asek post blog in enggelish je an? Boring ea? Semua akan jadi normal bila Royals da abes. Royals on 17 to 22 December. I promise to flood this blog with pictures! HAHA (=

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