Saturday, December 11, 2010

this house would believe that


Now on I'm feeling like want to sleep for the one whole day without waking up because of the unspoken repeated ritual we called routine. That maybe we hate the most, hoping for distraction of it even just for a while. But when it comes to this is our responsibility so we need to tie and hold it tight, because nobody are born in this world with not-a-thing. We are born with it, responsibility. So we need to live with it.

Busy overwhelm my hours, almost everyday. Lectures, tutorials, group discussions, training with all the pressure inside me within nobody knows about it. With the verily fake smiles I put on my face, and everything goes well. It's okay. They don't need to know, though. How much I'm yearning for the words, how many times I'm feeling like tearshed, how even more I hope I can say " Hold on, and wait me to stand up and walk with you ".  

I hate this feeling whenever I'm lost in mock debating in our training recently, offended. I know it's never a good thing of  having a feeling like that. I should know better cause that is the way, on the real one. HAHA. I am so crap. Instance, if I'm the first speaker usually government, I need to set up the case, find the mechanism, ways of implement and extension of the proposal so on and it's really need me to think about it to the fullest. It's not easy though. And I'm always fail to be a brilliant prime minister that come out with strong case and mechanism. Haih. I'd rather choose second speaker instead of the first one.

The motions that we have gone through upon time are :

- THW ban all form of gambling
- THBT all film and movies should have a quota for characters from religious minority background, sex, and ethnin minority background. 
- THB education classifications ensure a successful life
- THBT celebrities should get greater protection
- THW provide baby hatch
- THBT teaching math and science in degraded our own language
- THBT we should limit population growth
- THB full time students should take part in compulsory charity work
- THBT zoos should be closed

THB or THW stand for 'this house believe' and 'this house would'. That's the way we deal with this stuff. HUHU. My senior said there are even plenty much more reckless motions that we never expected including things that are bit sensitive to talk and discuss about. U just mention it, and yes they have it. A lil bit more motions you can see here.

Peeps, u can speak doesn't means u can debate well especially in term of foreign languages. I mean it. HUHU. But Atyrah, don't lose your faith, keep trying. And u guys too, we need to put extra effort on thing that we desire and have passion the most. Maybe it's hard at the starter point, it will be leisure in the middle way to the top, God's will.


And thanks so much for reading this whole crap. May ALLAH embrace u and me in His bless. And you too. Yeah, you over there. (=

-with love


Zawani Zainudin said...

yea debating could be damned depressing and stressful. the feelings that we're not as good as other people, and seemed only us that screwed, 've been there, done that and believe me i know it sucks. but somehow, don't think of it too much. n btw even if we lose, just having frens by our sides to laugh along is enough =)

Ps: and if you think you can't be the 1st speaker, you don't have to do it dear. only there's always been a way for improvement =)

Tyra Hanim said...

u know well the way i feel, Thx for that sis. True, that things heal so much pain.

Yea, im going to stick with 2nd speaker. Pray for me sis! (=