Friday, December 3, 2010

travelog seorang perempuan


AMARAN : Post ni panjang, bear with it!

I just came back from the workshop at UIA Gombak, it's MADUM English Debate training with the guys Syed Hafizin, Safwan, Saiful and Amirul. Yang aku cakap dalam previous post, ye lah tu. I've never thought it would be that nice and amazing. I've almost having nightmare thinking bout this but it was end up with a very lenient way. Ngeee~~

Masa mula- mula na pergi sana I was like man, they're staring at me as if I'm an alien! Haih. Benci tahu. Haih geram tahu. Then a bro, senior in debating said " There we go, four boys and a flower. It should be a boy and 4 flowers," Putuiiiihhhhh. Mesti nak kena kait mengait dengan quota empat korang tu kan. Haha. Sesuka je kan. Masa na pergi sane, pergi dengan van USIM, aku plug earphone nak nyanyi pun susah taw. Bukan susah. Maksudnye tak boleh la. So the thing just stuck in there. Diam je la. Ngaaa. Mesti sesetengah orang heran ape yang pelik sangat dengan boys tu. But it's really a new thing to me, verily because i came from religious school that consist only girls.

So, i'm not used mingle around with boys. Nak cakap- cakap ke ape, na ape- ape lah memang tak biasa. Even dekat Uni kalau ta de task yang revolve boys hagham jadah aku nak cakap dengan dorang. Eh, jap. Ye ke? Haa, ye la. Then when it comes to this situation aku rasa aku ni macam Gom Mi Nam dalam cite You're Beautiful tu kan? Yang tu lah, alah cite Korea. Sorang pempuan dalam music band. tapi part yang cintun-cintun ta de la dalam reality nih. It's just that. Pehrasanh ah aku. Hee. 

So bile kite orang dah ade kat sane, tengok UIA santek sangat weh. Aku rase meleleh- leleh tengok UIA. Si ri us. Bestnye kalau dapat belajar kat sane. Eh, bukan sebab cantek tapi ade la sebabnya. Biarlahku pendam sendirian. Hik. When I was there, absorbing the shock that people came from all states of Malaysia to attend this, boys with indie style, wearing bengkung outside their tshirt, free hair girls, tepuk- tampar each others, wearing tudung tapi their outfit like pembungkus nangka very well and so much more. Haha. Kiteorang tengok jela, macam gajah rusa masuk kampung. Hik. So we are not hang around with them that much unless with Chinese and Indians from UNIMAS and UMS. Haaa, kawan nak dengan orang jauh je. (=

Then the program started, yang bagi talk tu World Debate Championship, Chris and Louis. Cute Chris with blue eyes and lethal smile. Bui! Bila omputes yang bagi talk puteh jugak la mata aku mendengarnya. Mother tongue kan, biasalah. Accent dorang tu. Susah nak ikut bhai! Hoih. And the funniest thing is, our outfit for the day is orange tamhidi tshirt. Adeh, serious lawak. Yela orang laen dressing macam nak rak kan, no wonder lahh we're the youngest and the cutest there.

Kat sana dorang serve food yang boleh tahan tapi seriously IDK what the heck happen to me but when I was about to eat, I'm feeling like looking at the food just like looking at the stones and leaves! No appetite at all. IDK why. Paling banyak aku makan was like dua sudu nasi je. Huhu. Tapi kejap- kejap lapar, kiteorang duk dalam audi tu macam hibernation. Sejuk sangat! Lapar tapi tak selera na makan. Bila orang tanya, " why don't u eat? " Aku jawab, " Im waiting for the guys. " Selalu orang tanye macam tu, sampai those friends from UNIMAS and UMS said to the guys " Please ask Atyrah to eat. She's not eating. " Sampai macam tu sekali, ta pe lah. Itu adalah hormone disorder na suruh aku kurus. Weee! ~

So, dekat sane kiteorang da taw format BP, POI, Australasian of debates. Great experiences. Masa BP ( British Parliamentary ) it's compulsory for everybody to join. Nak tak nak buat je lah, eventhough ta penah tahu pun pasal ni. Motions pun tak faham sangat, panjang sangat. Dan banyak sangat lagi. Dengan blur ta tahu pape, dengan tekejut tekelujat kena debate depan seniors. Its completely mixed! Dah la na lepas untuk POI tu aku buat kepala batu tak nak join, suruh dorang je join. I just got no gut. Huu )'=

Luckily, everything goes well for a beginner in BP like me. Thank GOD. Hee~ (=
Ah, forgot this one. Senior yang attend for BP training tuh Sis Atiq from UiTM, law course. She just great! She's about joining Asian BP if I'm not mistaken. She's commonly joining tournaments all around nation, and she let me know lots of thing. I mean lots of things. She's verily down to the earth instead, she's awesome and sure gorgeous too. I admire her so much! >.<

Those who in this arena, debating, they put so much effort to be a good and brilliant debater. They're so fanatic with things they're dealing with, very social ( in a good and bad way too, though ), it's their passion. I learned lots of new things out of  nowhere that make up something inside me. 

I was like, c'mon girls our life is not about falling into a crush at a time, listing them in the crush list and write inside your journal how do feel about them today and yesterday. How much they locked u into them so ever (its me actually). Wake up and find something u desire the most, go and work for it. I mean, seriously. It won't be grant. BE SOMEBODY. Put it aside. And the environment if u're too excited with it u might have the virus westernization which I hate the most and trying my best to stray from it. The things that portray them, yes. They are. Not all, but some of them. GIRL, wake up!

- orange team I miss u guys.

- Chris, im missing u. But not Louis. What a discrimination? Haha. =.=

- Te Amo. 

- Fizin, we're hoping and praying for u to get well soon. (=


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