Tuesday, January 4, 2011

how i define charismatic


This one thing that I seek in a guy instead of for sure totally-strong-faith-foundation. CHARISMATIC. So suddenly I am talking about this. No wonder, I need to say to u guys welcome to the crap page, read : my blog. Sorry. Bulan terang. )=

Let us further some more. Charismatic, there are guys that u might say "he's good looking" but seriously like it's very hard to find a guy that suit this word. And I admire this kind of guy with the sense of charismatic. It's no way serious but the way he looks at people the way he smiles the way he walks the way THE WAY HE TALKS the way he yada yada that are ways we can call them a charismatic guy. Ada sesetengah orang suka yang sort of sense of humour but not me. Tak tahu kenapa. Huhu. I remembered, this guy used to say "a debater will likes a debater too for sure". But I said no. Not even all debaters have this quality, but usually they tend to have it. The charisma and confident inside are portray outside by that way. That's what I love about some debaters. It's not necessarily debaters will have this. Seriously. So guys outside there, jangan terasa. 

Heh. That's enough crap for tonight. Yea, I'm just coming back from watching the Mock Trial Theater at UIA PJ and I found one guy that fit the charismatic characteristic that I've  mentioned before. Girls, stop saying that he's hot. I know that. Pfffffttttt. Bisingla dorang ni "Tyra, tyra, PP ( Public Prosecutor ) tu hot! Hot!". Haha. Istighfarlah banyak- banyak kau Atyrah sebelum kau tidur malam ni. Eheh. Istighfar! Basuh mata, basuh hati tu doe!

Random : Trial in a law term means "perbicaraan fasa pertama untuk kes mahkamah."

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