Sunday, February 27, 2011

hidup ni kena selalu bersusah payah


Ngantuk weh ngantuk! Allah. Penatnya. Ish, tapi ta ley na salahkan sesape gak. Kalo na salahkan jugak, kena salahkan diri sendiri sebab suka buat kerja last minutes, procrastinate instead of don't really know how to manage time well. Pffttttt..

Yesterday I was spending my whole day like since morning until evening at campus. And today a little somehow earlier than yesterday. That's it. How come I can finish up all the things?! I want to back home, I want to hug all my makhluk bulusss, I want to sleep! I'm exhausted!! I want to have time for myself, seriously! )'=

Yesterday and today i've been working as Unit Kiraan Markah at the same time adjudicator for Vice Canselor Cup ( University Debate Tournament ). The days that suppose to be the day I had the works done. Yet, am not. Na nangehhh. Na nangehh please! Ada lagi dua task ni. Semua na kena submit tomorrow morning. And What t-h-e h-e-c-k I'm doing here? Ekh. Get a grip! 

Guys, I should make a move. All those thing, I'll tell u guys later on. Tata~

Do wish me luck! (=

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