Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Rooftop Rant - my version


I'm just recover from so-called cold fever. Fever boleh kate macam yearly event (?) kot, happen several times in a year. And the first for this year had done. Alhamdulillah, penghapus dosa- dosa kecil. Take it positively, chick. Two days absent from classes, it's the last thing I wish for.

Here is something very private that I want to spill. Seriously. For those who don't really know me, though nobody know me deeply. I am so fragile. That's it the quote don't judge a book by it's cover treats me pretty much well. I think so. What we used to see or know on thing related to fragile?


Why to? 

Because it's fragile. Easily broken- to pieces. Note that?

It's not once broken consider sold, but it's too validate on once broken torn you too. Note that- too. 


I had it finished couple days ago, and it's remarkable deep inside me. Do tell me it doesn't matter for a girl reading a masterpiece to cry especially on an insight that is very close related to her. Would you? Tell me. 

Lucky you are. Having he sent by HIM.

He was a person that listen to all your rant all the way days and nights
to love you with what we call unconditional love
to care about you with tender and overflow empathy
your anchor throughout the storm and turbulence
your crutch whenever you need them the most
never give a damn to pick your pieces and glued them back together
to be your knight in shining armor
to wipe your tears whenever u you have them uncontrolled
to loose it when it's too tight
your savior of lethal course
beside you high and low
bear with you after all

After all, after HIM, that will be he.


The thing that I envious the most,

I know well how it feels because yes
me too in the same boat
but just a few cabin from yours
the same things the same fibrous
all those things that come across
afraid of yourself
your own shade
hate that looking back at you on the mirror
hardly wish to say to those who pretend they know your feel

" Jerky, I don't give u a damn, U don't give me a cent. Why bother? "

but it's just stuck inside, pushed u way too hard
they just don't know. Shouldn't be bother.
Don't say. 
Things are always easier than done. Bet me.

Take a bite from my plate, chew, then talk.
If and only If you do not throw up first.

then the unnamed feeling  
it comes alive
then the unnamed feeling
takes me away

I'm frantic in your soothing arms
I can't sleep in this down filled world
I've found safety in this loneliness
But I can't stand it anymore,

Random : Takes me far away, to another state.