Monday, February 21, 2011

spill something on your mind in words and simply take pictures of it then pOst it on your blog


Malam ni na jiwang, boleh? Tapi penat so ta jadi lah na jiwang. Just simple pictures to describe me, hurm describe ke? Ta jugak, but things that revolved in my mind at that time, to be specially.

RANT. Ngeh




 One of it, The Only Exception.

HAHHA. Im telling you,,,,

 Do bless me, LORD.

U guys know well that I'm really good in sort of crap, redha aje lah ye?

Be kind to me. Pleasure me. 

That's all. I'm just playing with the camera, the words, the blog, the marker, the whiteboard etc etc. TATA! (=


amierul said...

suka post ni..matang..haha

Tyra Hanim said...

matang? HAHA.

Okay, matang (=