Sunday, March 13, 2011

10 reasons why I hate wearing spectacles


Since my short sighted has reach its limit, starting to revolt by launching the freaking painful headache whenever I don't wear spectacles so I need to consider on wearing it frequently. WuwaAa~
I have several reasons on not wearing my nerdy like specs, let's scroll down and check it out. Teheee (=
Before that, I'd like to say it might be a very fluffy stuff of an ordinary girl like me, so if u think U are not into this kind of thing. U may leave okay?

1- Feeling like I'm the ugliest person in this whole wide world, eyy maybe it's exaggerating, at least the ugliest person in USIM. Haha

2- It likes to slip down through my nose and I need to fix it like every 15 minutes. 

3- I'm feeling like an odd person, can't see using the two eyes given! )=

4- Everytime I want to sip hot drinks, I will blow it first. When I'm wearing spectacles, the vapor will cover the lenses and I'm feeling like the pitiful person alive! Uhh.

5- It makes my tudung gelembung. Ekhh, really hate it. 

6- The specs make me looks several years older than my age. Some people say, matured. But I don't think soOo0O...

7-  After few hours wearing it, I need to clean the lenses so I can see everything clearly. And it's freaking fussy! 

8- I'm not comfortable with myself, something huge on my face. Disrupting.

9- Some people said my face looks fierce when I put it on. 

10- Last but not least, I'm covering my beautiful eyes lahh people. Hehe. Kidding! (=

However, even I have thousand reasons of not wearing it. I need to! Or else, I'm suffering to succumb!
God bless! )=

Peeps, is every guy like to sayang sayang with every girl that he wants to? Or he just testing and playing around fool? Anyone?


아이샤 said...

It makes my tudung gelembung. Omaigod . Why so cute bb ? haha

and about the sayangsayang thing , normally , guys would do that for fun , y'know ? teehee ;D

Frodo Baggins said...


Farhan said...

not every guy, or at least not me. testing and for fun. buat stok geli-geli..

Tyra Hanim said...

haha as cute as you la dear. (=

But girls wont do that for fun. It comes from their heart. Ceytt, jiwang =,="

Tyra Hanim said...


test balik..

Tyra Hanim said...


stok geli geli? Oh ade ke? God..

Sarah Alia Shahrim said...

Yah chingu, its for ur own good lah. the more u resist it, the more u need it. y don't u use contacts??? it can get rid of ALL reasons that you have stated. BTW, everything is given to you by Allah, just syukur that u still can see k. :)

syazwanie swift said...

same here tyra! tudung gelembung tuh tepat skali.

Tyra Hanim said...

sarah alia

hehe, Yea I will if have lots of money i can simply do laser. Ngeh. Wearing contct lense seriously fussy. I hate it >.<


hehe. That's why i dun like it T.T