Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I wish to say it too


Memandangkan aku ni busy sebenarnya tapi aku still na pot pet kat sini jugak walaupun sikit tapi asalkan ada, puas jugak hati aku. Tapi ta leh na tulis panjang panjang peeps, I have demonstration speech tomorrow which I'm not yet finish the slides and the stuff to present. Sigh. Ohmai, I'm the queen of Procrastinate Majesty! So here we go, post macam tumblr. Pictures. Said a picture portray thousand unspoken words, few pictures equal to thousands words. Yay! Hehe. 

WHAT IF? What do u say?

SOmetimes I think soulmate is someone who will makes u be the most possibly 'u' that u can possibly be..

U make me smile in any way just the way you are..

Everytime U miss me

Everytime U say u love me

Everytime U say U want to love me

and U want me to let u loving me

Everytime U say I am the one

Everytime U say I inspire U

Everytime U say u need me beside U

I wish to say that I'm feeling the same way too, but forgive me I just can't be to... Deep in my heart I shout it loudly to U. The things that I want to say to you. 

Night people.

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