Saturday, March 5, 2011

it's over


I would like to thank to a, b, and c for....

Again, I'm feeling like something inside being chopped to pieces. It's like totally broken. How I'm going to imagine it in picture? Maybe something like this,

Come on girl. Don't be that way, big girl don't cry. What's the use of crying? It won't make any change either make the one that hurts you feel the way u feeling. Please.

Because it's heart, maybe this is the version of that broken thing. Fragile. God knows. Is there any glue in this whole wide world that can fix the broken heart? Let me know so that I won't suffer that much. I'm feeling like crying, but again I won't in front of them. How hard it is, how suckup it is. Hold me back.

So I think. This is how, it deals in my whole body. It spreads through my veins, to be whole, My body for sure. Hey, it's hurt. Believe me. Torn me apart until I came out with conclusion that I can't bear with it any longer. The way u look at me, the way u treat me. And everything. I'm so small in your eyes, i'm even nothing to care about. I'm heartless, to u I'm not even a human, perghh. Right? Sigh.

 Where is the human right under Universal Declaration Of Human Right? Its not fair for me! Not fair ! I'm sleepy. Bed is calling for me, night! 


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