Tuesday, March 1, 2011

tak tahu lah nak kata apa lagi


Malam ni aku na emo- emo ta kesalah orang na cakap apa, nak kata apa nak terasa ke. The thing is aku dah penat jaga perasaan orang dan kepentingan orang sampai diri sendiri terabai and tercampak ke ceruk mana- mana entah. Seriously, eh kenapa tak terkeluar pulak isi hati aku ni, sejak bila pula aku dah ta reti na express feeling sendiri? Atau lebih tepat sejak bile pulak aku ni tak reti marah orang.

Mungkin selalu sangat hold myself sampai dah tak tahu macam mana caranya nak marah orang and defend yourself. Like u avoid resent people the way people resent you, then people not doing the same and u keep feel offended. Like tired of giving but didn't get the thing that u suppose to get. I ever read on the book, people have the limitation of giving but when they're not being appreciated they tend to feel so upset and so bad. Is it? And how I'm suppose to describe the truly way I'm feeling. Maybe with just a short sentence. Can I cry? Can I?

I don't need any shoulder to lean on. I just want u to understand that I have my own limitation on giving, and so I have limitation on sacrificing my own feeling and need. Don't be so selfish, thinking only yourself without considering others' feel and need. I damn don't give u any bother, I'm doing my own business. Kalau ta puas hati kenapa na cakap belakang, kalau ta puas hati kenapa ta confront me? Cakap belakang bukan maen gebang, cursing people and when you are in front of me u don't even dare to give a glimpse. What kind of person u are? DO remember, what goes around comes around. I strongly have faith on it, maybe it's not today, maybe it's not here but the time will come. Am no revenge, but He knows everything and beyond. Than u need to remember everything we did, it'll be the so called repay. 


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