Saturday, March 12, 2011

things that I learnt


Dalam hidup kita, kita tak tahu bila dan bagaimana kita akan belajar perkara baru. 
Maksud aku bukanlah pelajaran yang ada dala silibus dan course outline tapi pelajaran kehidupan. 
Jika kita pandai hayati dan rasai, terlalu banyak perkara yang kita belajar dalam kehidupan seharian, yang kadangkala kita terlupa untuk jadikan ia sebagai panduan.

Ouh ya, semalam. Sementelah aku sudah buat keputusan, dengan sisa hari 
yang masih ada disini, aku ingin manfaatkan segala apa yang ada, biar sakit biar pahit.

Hurm, pukul tiga semalam ada training debate dekat HEP macam biasa.
Macam biase jugak, aku lambat. Dari library terus ke sana. Aku malas
sangat na kesah dekat orang, what ever u wish to say, whatever u wish to do and making such face, jerk.
Plus with the heavy headache, raining all the way to the library plus the short 
sighted becoming worst of I'm not stick with it 24/7 as the doctor dictated me to do. I just can't. Wearing specs 24/7, crap. Pfffftttt. 

The burOks.

So, when I arrived there, the first thing caught me eyes were Pakwe(farah) and Sya'ak. 
 They were like trembling outside the door, apparently trying to reach me while my cellphone out of battery. HAHAH. So the first motions for that day was :

 -THW introduce direct state funding for political parties for electoral and non-electoral  activities.

Man, seriously I don't even understand this motions. Thank God the seniors help me a lot to be prime minister. To open the case, even it's not good. At least I tried. To be worst it's not even reach 7 minutes dude. Pfffttt. When the time I realized that I need to read a lot, to be a good debater, U really need to read a lot. It makes me feel better of the organized reply speech. 
Here goes the second mock :

-THW allow advertisement for abortion clinics.

I decided to take the whip speaker role. While they were preparing, I'm off to pray. And I'm not even prepared, come in with the really blank paper. WaaAa~

Even this motions is not that though, but I think as the whip speaker of opposition line I failed to carry on the role. Instead, the pain killing me inside, and I even felt like burst at that time.
And I'm just talking crap, with slipped tongue and worst ever pronunciation. Shame me. 
While u laughing at the back, and trying the hard ways to discover my mistakes. I just let it be.
Because I know, I'm just ordinary human being. And u too. I don't even gave a damn of your 
mistakes and not even a curse. I merely informed, it's not my fluffy stuff to degrade people.
I can see your smirk and  applause of my mistakes. Hah. As u just wish. Not even bother. The thing is I know, what I want. I don't care. Once I've decided, I never turn my back... InsyaAllah.

Versus the MJs ( Maahad Jates) LOL

By the things happen, I learnt that there are always room of improvements, 
I learnt to be strong to achieve my goal, to be thankful person not to be greedy and lots more that I can't even recite here.

Thank Allah for opening my eyes to  learn the values of life in every ways that I never think. I'm thankful for that. Even it's not easy for me, at the very first but I know I have YOU by my side. Alhamdulillah.

Am enjoying my beautiful evening. (=


amierul said...

adeyh...bunyi pasrah je..haha...susah gila motion..huhu

Tyra Hanim said...

hahaha aku memang sentiasa pasrah..

susah la jugak, tpi bile kite faham okay je.

Weh ko kenapa? Ta dtg training?