Monday, May 30, 2011

what girls need


Hey peeps, u might get bored when I keep talking about fussy and cheesy things. So sorry, that I need to spill things in dire that overflowed me.

This is merely a crap ridiculous stuff that u need to know better I just only want to mess up with kan, nothing at all serious and even related to anyone keyh. Be chilled, hehe. So it's actually what girls need from the one that she loves. Haha, baek punye tajuk. Ta kesah la cheesy sangat pun, I still want to say something on this. 

Different people might have different needs, but I do believe that basically
 it's actually just on the same ground but maybe it's in different twisting ways.
 Boys, if u like a girl what you'll do? Trying very hard to hurt her so by
 that way you are pleased? Use every way to show off that you're a man that
 never surrender with your feeling cause u think that suppose to the girl will 
come your very own way then spill every single thing she feels toward you?
 Then you know what? U're actually denial person that try to deny something
 inside, u're actually unhappy person that u don't satisfy and
 seriously got disease in your heart? It's just bloody overboard egoistic in you, boys. 

Sorry if I'm being too loud cause I might not know the real situation on how boys actually deal with this. Let me tell you, the secret of winning heart. Well then my friends said that I'm so reliable to refer to in this case, so  sharing is loving though haha. Sometimes girls just realize that being with person that love them will make things different in lenient way rather than being with person that they love. This is the time when she gives up the feeling because she can't longer bear with all these, they realize that it's better for them to build up chance to be with someone that love them. I've ever talked to my seniors, on which one is better whether being with someone that u love or someone that love you? Which one? Being with someone that you love and love you in returned is actually wonderful, but dreams are too sweet to be true? I said yes, susah kan? 

Girls can't simply sing her heart out like Taylor Swift do.

If you like a girl and u can sense that she got the same feeling to you, what to do? Girls are vulnerable don't hurt them, u're freaking selfish if u're playing dirt on her to 
prove that she actually likes you. At that point u actually making the way for her 
to hate you. Egoistic is not the element that they demand from you. It's enough for her, if she is about to cry, freaking on things u seat in front of her and be silent let her spill and say sometimes 'yea, I understand'. They will appreciate it the friction of u'll never imagine. Look deep in her eyes and smile sometimes enough to share something cheer inside
. Girls love when boys know how to deal with her, putting effort to help her, care about her and how they feel. 

Eventhough how much she likes you, but u never be by her side at the meantime she needs you. She'll turn her back to you and go to someone who be her whenever she needs someone to listen to. U just need to know that love means completing each other right? Love and relationship is not about to win your ego and your so called dignity but to please and appreciate each other. Don't be somebody else and don't lose yourself. 

words are always easier than done I tell you.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

dari satu perspektif


".. rindu yang disertai dengan menjaga diri padanya dan menyembunyikannya daripada orang-orang, maka padanya pahala, bahkan Ath-Thohawi menukil dalam kitab Haasyi'ah Marakil Falah dari Imam Suyuthi yang mengatakan bahawa termasuk dari golongan syuhada di akhirat ialah orang-orang yang mati dalam kerinduan dengan tetap menjaga kehormatan diri dan disembunyikan daripada orang ramai meskipun kerinduan itu timbul daripada perkara yang haram."

Syahid ashiq, pernah dengar?

Won't confess- said.

it's not about the money money money


Because I'm in the middle of centralized training so I'll just rumble on debate? Do I need to? Tired being stuffed with thingy from Wikipedia, IDEA everything that turn me into monster. Ahaha, tipu je la mak ngah merah.

People got lots of weaknesses and me including, one thing obvious is I don't know how to struggle. Mesti cakap saya tipu kan, tapi saya ta boley na struggle the way orang laen struggle contoh orang laen sebok and eagerly research itu dan ini yada yada tapi me? I'm still research but in my own way? I'm not with them but doing it in my own way. Seriously saya ta ley na cope up dengan care orang, huhu. Rase macam na nanges je, dengan benda yang satu ni. Kalau orang yang ta taw orang memang akan ta suke dengan sikap yang macam ni. Maybe kate kite ta committed ke, ta serious atau ape ape saje assumption yang orang rasa na kata kan. Huhu, sedih betul dengan weakness yang ini. Maybe aku ni jenis suke na benda yang cepat2 dan ringkas2 je ta suke na messy and benda leceh. Huhu, my bad.

So, what is debate about? What I can say about this is, if u are a good speaker of this language it will never guarantee that you'll be a good debater. U might say that it's the core, but bear in mind debate comprising lots of skills and techniques that u need to learn and easily cope up with. Instead, u yourself need to have that kind of natural convincing style that will blend together and be a good debater. What's the use of being in something without being good in it. Paham ta keling saya ni? Read up and knowledge, it's the core too. It's the fundamental but what's the use again of reciting like thousands facts without knowing how to relate with things that u're talking about in a clear consequences? The fundamental and you yourself needed to know how to enhance yourself to be a better speaker in debate. Sometimes aku ta rasa yang aku boleh cope up dengan benda ni semua. Dalam debate ni kite kena pandai untuk memandai- mandai. HUHU. Dan bark without bite is absolutely nothing. Ceyyt cakap na gebang je padahal benda ni aku un ta reti na buat, hehe.

So for this tournament the teams will be :


-Tamhidians for law and medic.


-Law tamhidians.

Abang Shahir
Kak Iman
Abang Aizat

-Senior laws. 

Abang Fareed 
Kak Nisah

Senior law and medic and tamhidian law kiddo. Huhu

Takut na bekerja dengan senior dan otai ni, huhu.
Good luck to me and to you too. So far apart but so close in heart. Warghhh. Astaghfirullahal azim, cukuplah crap untuk hari ni >.<

Sunday, May 22, 2011

once again, one more time


Once again

One more time

I really hope that It will just diminish and not here anymore. I am working on it. I wont let it spread again again and again.

If I like and into someone I won't confess. Said.

Feel it even it's hurt. Feel the moment before it's no longer here. 


Saturday, May 21, 2011

I miss the place we call home


7am, waking up in the morning

Gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs

Gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal
Seeing everything, the time is going
Ticking on and on, everybody’s rushing
Gotta get down to the bus stop
Gotta catch my bus, I see my friends

That's Friday by Rebecca Black not anything related to my schedule hehe. Cause I think mine now is somehow little bit tight and rigid that I'm feeling like freaking out of control to have a better place to rest and enjoy the seconds of time. The place would be absolute, home lahh. Warghhh rindu!

Intensive training for Great Serdang Open sometimes I found it is too tense up that we need to put things seriously and like absorb new matters in the list to remembered and take notes about. Subprime mortgage, nuclear reactor, NPT, sex education, NHS, central banks blah blah blah blah. 

Dah seminggu dah duduk sini, Kediaman Desa Jati Kampus USIM. Tiap- tiap hari get ready at 8.30 then get in the debate room at 10. Research stuffs then the first mock will be ran. Lepas tu lunch, solat kejap research again then second mock pulak. Sometimes there are even three mock debate, public speaking, present substantials materials, learning the structure thingy, everyday without holiday. 10 am end up to 10 pm. 

But then, being so called cunning I'll just surfing little bit substantive spending more time on reading blog,youtube walking and so on rather than those things I listed before. I'll just research about the motions just the 30 minutes before the debate. Waaa, kalau study pun aku ta enthusiast macam tu inikan pulak debate. WooHoO! >.<
Tapi usually pape pun at the end of the day I'll find myself so helpless and exhausted, keep blunder on because of unbearable tired! Pfffftttt.

But then I do believe to shoot something in our life we need to sacrifice and we need to bear in taking risks too. We wont be better if we're staying in the same level without taking any decision on moving forwards, so we need to bear with it. So much pain on the very the first baby step but then things will just getting smooth and better. 

Let's talk about something nicer. I'll show u pictures of a girls' outing, the moment I'm spending my time at home. (:

 Dumuk (:

Miss u gegirls >.<

Last but not least just wanna say this, There are ways to appreciate people around us. One of it is APPRECIATE the differences. People are different, don't aspect people to just can cope up with our styles. 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

girls playing guitar are so awesome, man!


Yuna, Ana Raffali, Najwa Latif, any other girls playing guitar which I'm not gonna mention it just check it out the ROTTW mags and see how many girls sing and play guitars in advance in such underground band. The three I mentioned here creating songs and kaboom! They just reach the peak of their life, they're are awesome and they plays guitar. They did what they like and love to. 

Peeps, what do u think? Don't u think that girls playing guitar are T-totally awesome? I think they're just lack of words to say, yes they're awesome. I was and am an avid fan of guitar itself. Don't ask me why guitar instead rebana ubi atau gong badak whatsoever ahaha. 

During my secondary, I had a sister which reflects back myself anytime I see her. I mean, the style, and a little bit look somehow she resembles to me. If I don't really stand the way she deals with something, absolutely I don't like that thing on behalf of myself too. God bless! And she knows how to play guitar, she's the one that introduce me what is kapok, acoustic or electric, classic, fender dreadnought, Ibanez, you name it you got it. Sempat tengok pieces of song chords tapi ta sempat belajar je. Should I say thank God on it? Think so.

Weh, I still do admire guys who can play guitar teheee I'm so pervert. Last night I was talking to a friend, he was asking about the fender, and I just goofing off with it. Talking about it and he asked me why don't I learn to play guitar as he can sense that I'm avid on it. I said maybe no. MAYBE. Yes, am not confident with myself. Denying things that u avid in yourself ain't easy, curse me at least I'm trying. Hardly trying more than u can imagine. Saya cakap ta elok kot perempuan maen gitar and he said kalau sayangkan tangan yang halus tu U better don't. I do sayang my tangan walau ta sehalus mane, I said again no. Lepas tu dia cakap ye lah benda tu universal that every people can play it. Memang la setengah parents won't accept daughters playing guitars. It's a bit different view on boys.

If it's about people go for the things that u love the most, don't care about the endless crap. I said kalau dah DIA cakap no, do I need others to say yes? It's about that thing. Saya ni bukanlah baek mane dan saya tak nak pulak kejahatan saya bertambah- tambah. Kalau macam tu sampai bila na be better in anything if u keep immersing on things that can stray u afar from HIM. I know myself better and HE also knows me more than I know. Weh sakit bagai kene tikam dengan belati woh walau ta pernah kena at least I can imagine it, it's hurt denying yourself in the verily you. Like versus? HAHA. Hlovate pulak, but yes I need to. 

I need things to can brings me to HIM in any means it could be. Instead I still remember someone that ever appeared in my life told me not to. I hold the grip, not because of him, but HIM.

By the way, readers if u play guitar please no offence yea? Talking on behalf of me, we might gave different views and priorities but we are still same. In sense of what? U tell me... (=

Okay then, thanks for reading. I'm packing up my stuff to get ready to USIM. Great Serdang Open, here I come teheeee :P

Friday, May 13, 2011

u should know the meaning of jakunness


Anda- anda semua yang masih lagi sudi untuk singgah dan baca belog saya, hye! How are you? Tehee (=
I'm seriously sorry cause I'm kinda have things to write here, but I just don't have any ideas on make it happen, like I'm not writing in this blog for quite a while I can tell. It's almost a month peeps. So left u behind my bloggie. 

Case in this point, I'm still working on it. To membebel here like before. And bunch of gratitudes I would like to wish to all my followers, and the silent readers (gotcha!), those who peeping and left something on the chatbox and everybody who stands by me. Ceyhhh, ayat dah macam menang anugerah tah pape da tu, ahaha.

I'm absolutely affirm that this is what the meaning of jakun, jakun sebab lame dah ta menulis. It was like, whhhattt am I doing? Tehee (=

By the way, readers. Thanks for lending me your eyes to read this. Much love ! <3

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

bila jari bertemu keyboard


Dah lama ta post belog, noted. 
Sorry peeps, got things to do back few weeks. 
InsyaAllah akan kembali seperti biasa. 
So, sentiasalah jengukkan diri anda ke belos saya! Hehe

This is the start, u guys got my back! 
Coming soon, next entry InsyaAllah. Kay?