Saturday, May 14, 2011

girls playing guitar are so awesome, man!


Yuna, Ana Raffali, Najwa Latif, any other girls playing guitar which I'm not gonna mention it just check it out the ROTTW mags and see how many girls sing and play guitars in advance in such underground band. The three I mentioned here creating songs and kaboom! They just reach the peak of their life, they're are awesome and they plays guitar. They did what they like and love to. 

Peeps, what do u think? Don't u think that girls playing guitar are T-totally awesome? I think they're just lack of words to say, yes they're awesome. I was and am an avid fan of guitar itself. Don't ask me why guitar instead rebana ubi atau gong badak whatsoever ahaha. 

During my secondary, I had a sister which reflects back myself anytime I see her. I mean, the style, and a little bit look somehow she resembles to me. If I don't really stand the way she deals with something, absolutely I don't like that thing on behalf of myself too. God bless! And she knows how to play guitar, she's the one that introduce me what is kapok, acoustic or electric, classic, fender dreadnought, Ibanez, you name it you got it. Sempat tengok pieces of song chords tapi ta sempat belajar je. Should I say thank God on it? Think so.

Weh, I still do admire guys who can play guitar teheee I'm so pervert. Last night I was talking to a friend, he was asking about the fender, and I just goofing off with it. Talking about it and he asked me why don't I learn to play guitar as he can sense that I'm avid on it. I said maybe no. MAYBE. Yes, am not confident with myself. Denying things that u avid in yourself ain't easy, curse me at least I'm trying. Hardly trying more than u can imagine. Saya cakap ta elok kot perempuan maen gitar and he said kalau sayangkan tangan yang halus tu U better don't. I do sayang my tangan walau ta sehalus mane, I said again no. Lepas tu dia cakap ye lah benda tu universal that every people can play it. Memang la setengah parents won't accept daughters playing guitars. It's a bit different view on boys.

If it's about people go for the things that u love the most, don't care about the endless crap. I said kalau dah DIA cakap no, do I need others to say yes? It's about that thing. Saya ni bukanlah baek mane dan saya tak nak pulak kejahatan saya bertambah- tambah. Kalau macam tu sampai bila na be better in anything if u keep immersing on things that can stray u afar from HIM. I know myself better and HE also knows me more than I know. Weh sakit bagai kene tikam dengan belati woh walau ta pernah kena at least I can imagine it, it's hurt denying yourself in the verily you. Like versus? HAHA. Hlovate pulak, but yes I need to. 

I need things to can brings me to HIM in any means it could be. Instead I still remember someone that ever appeared in my life told me not to. I hold the grip, not because of him, but HIM.

By the way, readers if u play guitar please no offence yea? Talking on behalf of me, we might gave different views and priorities but we are still same. In sense of what? U tell me... (=

Okay then, thanks for reading. I'm packing up my stuff to get ready to USIM. Great Serdang Open, here I come teheeee :P


Farhan said...

aha. i prefer the ending than the title.

everything you define me said...

So go get one! :D

Tyra Hanim said...


me too, (:

Tyra Hanim said...


me too, (:

Tyra Hanim said...


nahh, I wont maybe (: