Friday, May 13, 2011

u should know the meaning of jakunness


Anda- anda semua yang masih lagi sudi untuk singgah dan baca belog saya, hye! How are you? Tehee (=
I'm seriously sorry cause I'm kinda have things to write here, but I just don't have any ideas on make it happen, like I'm not writing in this blog for quite a while I can tell. It's almost a month peeps. So left u behind my bloggie. 

Case in this point, I'm still working on it. To membebel here like before. And bunch of gratitudes I would like to wish to all my followers, and the silent readers (gotcha!), those who peeping and left something on the chatbox and everybody who stands by me. Ceyhhh, ayat dah macam menang anugerah tah pape da tu, ahaha.

I'm absolutely affirm that this is what the meaning of jakun, jakun sebab lame dah ta menulis. It was like, whhhattt am I doing? Tehee (=

By the way, readers. Thanks for lending me your eyes to read this. Much love ! <3

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