Monday, May 30, 2011

what girls need


Hey peeps, u might get bored when I keep talking about fussy and cheesy things. So sorry, that I need to spill things in dire that overflowed me.

This is merely a crap ridiculous stuff that u need to know better I just only want to mess up with kan, nothing at all serious and even related to anyone keyh. Be chilled, hehe. So it's actually what girls need from the one that she loves. Haha, baek punye tajuk. Ta kesah la cheesy sangat pun, I still want to say something on this. 

Different people might have different needs, but I do believe that basically
 it's actually just on the same ground but maybe it's in different twisting ways.
 Boys, if u like a girl what you'll do? Trying very hard to hurt her so by
 that way you are pleased? Use every way to show off that you're a man that
 never surrender with your feeling cause u think that suppose to the girl will 
come your very own way then spill every single thing she feels toward you?
 Then you know what? U're actually denial person that try to deny something
 inside, u're actually unhappy person that u don't satisfy and
 seriously got disease in your heart? It's just bloody overboard egoistic in you, boys. 

Sorry if I'm being too loud cause I might not know the real situation on how boys actually deal with this. Let me tell you, the secret of winning heart. Well then my friends said that I'm so reliable to refer to in this case, so  sharing is loving though haha. Sometimes girls just realize that being with person that love them will make things different in lenient way rather than being with person that they love. This is the time when she gives up the feeling because she can't longer bear with all these, they realize that it's better for them to build up chance to be with someone that love them. I've ever talked to my seniors, on which one is better whether being with someone that u love or someone that love you? Which one? Being with someone that you love and love you in returned is actually wonderful, but dreams are too sweet to be true? I said yes, susah kan? 

Girls can't simply sing her heart out like Taylor Swift do.

If you like a girl and u can sense that she got the same feeling to you, what to do? Girls are vulnerable don't hurt them, u're freaking selfish if u're playing dirt on her to 
prove that she actually likes you. At that point u actually making the way for her 
to hate you. Egoistic is not the element that they demand from you. It's enough for her, if she is about to cry, freaking on things u seat in front of her and be silent let her spill and say sometimes 'yea, I understand'. They will appreciate it the friction of u'll never imagine. Look deep in her eyes and smile sometimes enough to share something cheer inside
. Girls love when boys know how to deal with her, putting effort to help her, care about her and how they feel. 

Eventhough how much she likes you, but u never be by her side at the meantime she needs you. She'll turn her back to you and go to someone who be her whenever she needs someone to listen to. U just need to know that love means completing each other right? Love and relationship is not about to win your ego and your so called dignity but to please and appreciate each other. Don't be somebody else and don't lose yourself. 

words are always easier than done I tell you.

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