Thursday, June 30, 2011



beribu wajah menyapa
setiap hari
namun hanya satu
yang lekat di hati,

semoga abadi.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

this might sound funny : suami handsome isteri biase- biase je makkk



more amazing photos HERE

I'm not really sure of what I'm trying to say here actually maybe just knocking some sense in myself and you guys who might concern. Have u ever seen spouses, such the husband is freaking darn handsome man, but the wife just so average. Or maybe it's turn way around, pernah ta tengok?

I hardly thought about this, the absolute thing that we don't go against it is Jodoh. That's it, I'm thinking like the logical reason behind it otherwise, as we know people looking for perfection in everything, not to forget in choosing who will be going to be with them for the rest of their life. We even have the Mr. / Mrs. right list, we put 30 characteristics on how he/ she will be like. But then, step to the real ground of this sometimes u get to be with person that don't even have one of the characteristics. Man, I hardly pondering. Then I got it, we need the perfection where the part to complete us, the other half of it. Completely complete.

U see, hari ni kita tengok dia cantik or handsome, some other day kite tengok dia sememeh ke ape kite akan simply turn our back ke? Contoh la kan, u got crush on someone, one day u see he/she appears or looking simply bad at that day the u lost interest on him/ her. How u will be with them for the rest of your life if so U lost your interest to him/ her the moment u saw him/ her sememeh not like before? How u are going to accept the bad or the dark side of them if u simply put the judgement on them when u see them in they way u're not wishing for. 

I saw many beautiful girls end up with so called average or under average looking man because of they actually want the honesty, they want the secure from someone that they wanna be with, as they're vulnerable, they afraid of being dumped, they feeling so unsecured with man only looking forward the bright side of her. They know that they're just normal human being that got lots of weaknesses, and they simple weak that they need the sincere feeling of the people beside them to love them truly. Outside and inside. 

Sometimes u got crush on those who got 85% of the man in your list but you just stick with the one who got only  45% of your dream guy rather because of what? You feel the secured and somehow those 45% perfectly complete you. That's it. Live your life.

Actually aku ade banyak je bende na rant here, tapi aku sangat letih Omjayyy ta terkata letihnya dan mengantuk that's why la peeps I'm not really sure of what I'm writing here. It's totally random and absolute broken. Sungguh. Harapnya knock some sense. Talk to you some more later. MmmUUAaahh! Good night people. Salam (:

you ?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Si Pengejar Dunia


Si Pengejar Dunia

Ghairah aku
mengejar dunia
telanjang aku
mengaut isinya

Sandiwara aku
bersaksikan DIA
hanyut aku
dek dangkalnya ilmu

Kosong tanganku
tanpa hasilnya
habis bekalanku
diratah dunia
inilah nasibku
si pengejar dunia!

Atyrah Hanim Razali
-Dewan Siswa April 2011-

Pengejar Dunia, semoga tidak kita. Ameen (:

Friday, June 24, 2011



Salah satu nikmat dunia yang susah na digambarkan dengan kata adalah apabila kita penat- penat balik keje atau study lepas tu gagahkan diri pergi shower. Lepas tu solat, on laptop di atas katil yang empuk dipenuhi teddy bear dan bantal yang baru ambik dari kedai dobi mmuuaahhhh wangi, dan online facebook dan Tumblr sambil goyang kaki. HAHA. Seronok kot.

Amacam intro? Mantap an? Haha.

dua.empat.enam.sembilan.dua. Apa yang ada dengan angka ni? 240692. My born day. (:


Jun yang kau kata sunyi
sesunyi nyanyian lagu di hatimu
yang mendendangkan rindu
pengubat hati setia sendu
telah melahirkan seorang aku
di muka bumi Tuhan yang satu...

Sekarang, sembilanbelas. Ya, pasti. Tiada keraguan dengannya.

Sebelum tu aku na ucap terima kasih kepada kawan- kawan yang wish birthday dekat wall FB, inbox, sms, call. Terasa diriku begitu bermakna, LOL LOL. I know i'm not a kiddo, I'm a woman to be. Pffttt


Dalam ramai- ramai yang wish ada beberapa orang yang cakap enjoy your last teen-age. Next birthday you gonna celebrate it without teen. That's one of the things I'm freak about, to be in this age nineteen. Ain't easy, so much pain, tears, laugh, love everything you name it. Just put your highest hope to HIM and try to life your life event how hard it is. Keep the faith, but peeps even dah 19 I can say I'm just the same spoilt brat duhh. 

- still counting the stars in the dark night, and wishing that my future will be as bright as the stars

- knocking parent's room to sleep with em whenever I got nightmare

- parent call me 3-4 everyday when I'm afar from their sight

- tell em almost every single thing that happen to me, including the list of crush awwhhh. Snap!

- na makan ayam pun umi yang cubitkan 

Actually I got long list to write it down here, unfortunately I am sleepy and to be worst I need to work tomorrow. Got to sleep first, to be continued ea? 

me too
Cheesy sugar >.<

Night people (;

Thursday, June 23, 2011

the so random post


Y'know tumblr got lots of awesome and cool stuff for awesome people.
 The Islamic basis stuff, entertainment, photography, life quote, to be bitch on others' face so on. Not to forget the stuff that you will say 'ahh dreams are too sweet to be truth'. One of them is,

I want a boy who would hold my hand in line at the mall & make all the girls jealous. I want someone who would sing to me at random moments. Someone who is more goofy than romantic. A boy who would throw stuffed animals at me when I’m acting dumb. Someone who would bet me kisses that he could beat me at all the old playstation games and then let me win. A guy who would make fun of me just to hear my laugh. He’d play with my hair all the time & surprise me with 25 cent rings. Someone who I could share lollipops with & lay on a blanket with to count the stars. We’d buy tons of disposable cameras to take the silliest pictures of each other & squirt water guns at each other in the house. But mostly ; some who would be my best friend & would never break my heart. He would just always make me smile.

I told you that was just a random post that I want to share. It does not mean anything or the thing I'm pondering. Okhhaaaay? See ya (:

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

penyejuk mata, hati, minda, hempedu, limpa, jantung


I want cute children like these (:

Selama aku kerja ni, aku jumpe da ramai kids and also parents. Cute heaven kids, generous heart parents and so forth. Aku ta na bagitahu lah mane aku kerja nanti kan ada pulak yang pergi cari 

" Eh you kerja sini ke? "

Awhhh, ta perlu la aku bajet famous amos kan. Dulik la, aku memang suke bajet pun. LOL LOL

Aku jumpe twins, tomey tomey tomey hambek twins tu kene kiss dengan kiteorang sampai lebam >.<

Tuhan je la tahu betapa damainya hati kalau dapat maen dengan kids ni, layan dorang cakap, dengan tahap curiosity diorang yang melampaui batasan, masa ni lah masa yang terbaek untuk diajar semuanya yang ada bermula di dalam lautan hingga ke langit mencecah awan semuanya milik Tuhan dan kita hanya menumpang. Biar dia tahu kita ada TUHAN, ALLAH.

Dan aku paling admire kids yang ada ciri nih : Bijak dan solehah. This is the real situation :

the kid : Can I play this board game?

me : yeah sure. Take this one.

the kid : thank you. 

me : what's your name ?

the kid : Aishah.

me : I see, nice name. How old are you Aishah?

the kid : I'm in standard one. I'm seven years old.

me : I see, so how's english at home? Well your english was good at your age. U speak in english with your parents?

the kid : yea, my mom is an english teacher. We speak in english at home certainly with all the members of the family.

me : wahh I bet you always got full marks for your english paper

the kid : no, i got 99% once. 

me : well then that's a good job. 

the kid : I love english, I want to be an english teacher when I grow up.

me : that's good. But u need to read a lot to enhance your language. 

the kid : enhance? What is enhance? * Buat muke confuse yang cute *

me : Like improve, something like that. 

the kid : yea, I think so. 

I think it was a cute and brilliant gesture. Pandai mak ayah didik anak. So now I need the father who can speak and teach the arabic to the children. Where to find ah? Anybody? Let me know. Tsk tsk 


أنا مسلمٌ … هل تعرفونَ المسلما؟ أنا نورُ هذا الكونِ إنْ هو أظلما أنا في الخليقةِ ريُّ مَن يشكو الظَمَا *
penyejuk hati dan mata. Subhanallah (:

And this one sangat la sejuk hati aku. Sejuk sangat ta ley na describe kat korang kot. When I was in surau na solat, then suddenly budak ni umur I guess 7 or 8 la kot kan. Tengah cari telekung budak dekat rak tu, bile dia da jumpa and pakai dia still duk cari- cari lagi. Aku pun tanye la dia tengah cari ape. Dia buat muka innocent cakap cari sejadah, na solat. Da la comel gile muke dia ohh! Aku pun cakapla dekat dia, meh solat dengan akak, mak mane. She said mak ade dekat luar. 
Dia pakai telekung sememeh je, pakai tudung awning kat dalam haish susah na sujud nanti. Aku betul- betulkan tudung dia, and she just smiling shyly. Sejuk hati aku ni since aku 7 years old dulu liat na solat selalu kene piat dengan rotan baru insaf pergi solat noob.  Haha.

I guarantee they will be a good father (:

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

setiap kali kita bedoa kita meminta....



Allah sometimes gives and sometimes takes. He is sometimes pleased and sometimes displeased with our deeds. Whether a thing is beneficial or harmful to me, I will remain firm in my belief and remain thankful to my Creator. 

forever reblog :)

- supaya dipermudahkan segalanya
- disenangkan kerja
-ditinggikan pointer
- supaya dapat menggapai cita- cita
- dijauhkan juga daripada segala bala
- ditambaha iman di dada
- direstui ibu bapa sentiasa
- pelihara mereka daripada sengsara
- dipanjangkan usia mereka
- supaya dapat mereka merasa nikmat titik peluh mereka
- jauhkanlah mereka daripada bala
- diberikan jodoh yang sebaiknya kepada kita
- menjadikan kita penyejuk mata
- dijauhkan daripada api neraka
- dimasukkan kedalam syurga... INSYAALLAH

Amin (:

Kerdilnya kita, usahlah mendongak kepala. Begitu banyak kita meminta kepada DIA.
Tuhan Maha Kaya.

Allah, moga dipanjangkan usia kita semua (:

Sunday, June 12, 2011

the pakcik


Childhood bestfriend. The left. LOL
The MJ's. 13-19

Da lame ta post blog. AKU KEJE. Wah, sekarang sudah bekerjaya.. HAHA (:

Friday, June 3, 2011

puteri di dalam kurungan


Bonda berpesan : 

" Anakanda, jika masih jauh perjalanan hidupmu 
dengan izin Tuhan yang maha esa, kau akan dapati hidup ini sentiasa berjalan di jalan yang tidak kita mahukan malah tidak pernah terfikirkan.
 Jangan kau menjangkakan hidup ini seindah pelangi semata, 
kerana indah pelangi itu juga hanya sementara di saat hujan
 puas menimpa dan kemarau akan menjelma pula.
 Namun, itulah yang dinamakan ujian kehidupan. Supaya kita sedar besarnya kuasa Tuhan.."

Lantas sang puteri kini yang sudah dewasa berada dalam kurungan berkata pula ;

" Selamat tinggal putea impian putera khayalan,
 barangkali aku ditakdirkan mencapai bintang dilangit tinggi suram dahulu sebelum engkau menggenggam tanganku.."

Putera impian fake punye version. 

Kesian kan?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011



yang sentiasa membasahi
 kemarau jiwa 
dengan hujan kata 
yang turunnya dari jiwa.
 Lantas hati mana yang tidak terseksa?

Da lame aku ta tulis poems pun, kering macam kena perah! Ta de idea, ta de materials, yang penting ta de jiwa dan rasa na menulis? Kau tahu menulis tanpa perasaan itu umpama makan tanpa kenyang? Atau mungkin melihat alam tanpa warna? Serba tak kena, terasa cacat dan cela. Bosan. Tiada warna.

Drop the subject.

K-Pop. Semua orang kenal kan? Mostly minat jugak right? Girls, makcik makcik, mak ngah merah, tok ayah tok mek pun ta kurang minat, boys pun. K-Pop domination by boys-band la, include je pun girls. Memule aku kenal benda ni adalah kazen aku yang form 3 skang ni. Mase tu dia minat SuJu, so dia introduce la kat aku. Kenal la jugak sape- sape yang ade kat dalam tu, dan aku tersangkut kat sorang. Ki Bum oppa Super Junior. Aku suke dia pasal dia comel dan decent, macho. Pandai cover, nampak smart, bukan in term of handsome tapi brilliant. Tapi minat sekadar minat , ta de lah kate follow each and everything mende alah laman sosial yang dia ada semua and tahu semua updates dia atau pun tergelak- gelak sorang depan lappy tengok alah variety show katenye. Kalau ade video clips yang tunjuk muscle sket2 terus buat histeria depan laptop. Ta pun dance yang sexy terus jerit- jerit sambil tutup muka, ouhh >.<

Sekarang ni kalau anda adalah girls, instead of make ups, shawls, dress, pink, what else? K-pop is indeed including in the list kan. Kalau ta minat K-pop ta gegirls la you all, katenye. Mesti na khatam variety shows, latest video clips atau show dorang kat mane- mane.. Maybe sebab girls so I won'tsay  anything much. Cause they're girls right, ain't weirdo. Few time aku kena camni, kawan tegur dekat chatbox katanya fall in love. Bila aku tanye sape? Boys band korea. Sob sob aku rase macam na tampo- tampo muke sendiri je. Huhu. Tapi kalau boys minat boys-band? Ta ke benda tu jakun? LGBT? 

I mean no offense, but I need to say, Come on, merely listen is not a big deal then but If layan jugak variety shows and na ikut official punya updates, stuff macam girls I'll say pathetic. Ouh, come on. Find something else to layan la dudes. Hilang macho tu. Different people might have different interest, we got freedom of everything tapi semua pun kena moderate kan? Be man. Be A MAN. Kalau na layan music, maybe boleh layan music yang lelaki sikit? Sorry, but seriously man. MEN.

Aku ta taw kenapa tapi aku rase laki tu cool bile dia layan DSLR ke, ta ignorant sal politics, and brilliant dalam banyak issues, got awesome writing, stuff. That's it. Come on, u're a man to be. U know what it means right? No offense please? Yay! (: