Wednesday, June 29, 2011

this might sound funny : suami handsome isteri biase- biase je makkk



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I'm not really sure of what I'm trying to say here actually maybe just knocking some sense in myself and you guys who might concern. Have u ever seen spouses, such the husband is freaking darn handsome man, but the wife just so average. Or maybe it's turn way around, pernah ta tengok?

I hardly thought about this, the absolute thing that we don't go against it is Jodoh. That's it, I'm thinking like the logical reason behind it otherwise, as we know people looking for perfection in everything, not to forget in choosing who will be going to be with them for the rest of their life. We even have the Mr. / Mrs. right list, we put 30 characteristics on how he/ she will be like. But then, step to the real ground of this sometimes u get to be with person that don't even have one of the characteristics. Man, I hardly pondering. Then I got it, we need the perfection where the part to complete us, the other half of it. Completely complete.

U see, hari ni kita tengok dia cantik or handsome, some other day kite tengok dia sememeh ke ape kite akan simply turn our back ke? Contoh la kan, u got crush on someone, one day u see he/she appears or looking simply bad at that day the u lost interest on him/ her. How u will be with them for the rest of your life if so U lost your interest to him/ her the moment u saw him/ her sememeh not like before? How u are going to accept the bad or the dark side of them if u simply put the judgement on them when u see them in they way u're not wishing for. 

I saw many beautiful girls end up with so called average or under average looking man because of they actually want the honesty, they want the secure from someone that they wanna be with, as they're vulnerable, they afraid of being dumped, they feeling so unsecured with man only looking forward the bright side of her. They know that they're just normal human being that got lots of weaknesses, and they simple weak that they need the sincere feeling of the people beside them to love them truly. Outside and inside. 

Sometimes u got crush on those who got 85% of the man in your list but you just stick with the one who got only  45% of your dream guy rather because of what? You feel the secured and somehow those 45% perfectly complete you. That's it. Live your life.

Actually aku ade banyak je bende na rant here, tapi aku sangat letih Omjayyy ta terkata letihnya dan mengantuk that's why la peeps I'm not really sure of what I'm writing here. It's totally random and absolute broken. Sungguh. Harapnya knock some sense. Talk to you some more later. MmmUUAaahh! Good night people. Salam (:

you ?

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