Saturday, July 2, 2011

where love started


Nichkhun and Victoria on their honeymoon!

I will blame her for this current addiction. My cousin! OMjayyy. Y'know girls however they're trying very hard not to fall in girls' stuff but they will just slightly fall for it. I'm trying my best not falling the for K-stuff since I found girls screaming in front of their lappy seing their idol on the screen is totally PERVERT and too girly. I just don't wanna be like that. 

Just find anything else that more amusing and contributing. Hell I know it's amusing but they not contribute so much. I'm avoiding the K-stuff very hard more than u can imagine man, ahaha. No, i'm just exaggerate. I've only watched  BOF once, I admire Ki Bum from SuJu and I had only few pieces of them in my lappy. Well, I'm still a girl what. But keeping to much K-stuff in your lappy is not gentlelady kot! LOL >.<

The previous day I went to my cousin's house and chilling with them. They're watching the K-stuff on the lappy and she suddenly said :

" U know that Nichkhun from 2PM who share the same birthday with you also in this programme. He's pairing with Victoria f(x). But I like Goguma couple more than them. "

Credits go to LonerRuki

Credits go to LonerRuki

Credits go to LonerRuki
You're just so real lucky lady! )'=

She mentioned 'Nickhun from 2PM who share the same birthday with you' as that's the way she wished my birthday previously.  

" Nichkhun? Victoria? Ahh, I've heard about them few times before. My colleagues talked about them, they're real dating? "  Disclaimer : I'm not into these but I'm not also totally ignorant. People talking what? +.+

Credits go to the Winnie fans on Baidu

" Here you go, Nichkhun oppa! " She already played the video for me. 

I was not interesting at all, the first sight was like " ohh, pathetic ". But I just can get away my eyes from Nichkhun. I think it's all because we share the same birthday that we have that kind of telepathy. Right? HAHA. He got the aura that u just can't resist. Absolutely irresistible. 

Guess what?

 I finished the 21 episode(half way) of WGM spending the whole night. I won't say much people, then let's make it short and precise. I FELL IN LOVE with SOMEONE ELSE'S LOVE STORY. Girls, if u ever read love novels then you will acknowledge the feeling " Ahh, it's just wonderful ! " after reading them. Same goes here watching them in the series, advancely we can see them, the love sparkling in the eyes and the shyly smiles towards each other everything. MALU TAPI MAHU. Well, what more to say? It's will just hook you up more and more! 

 Again I am pervert as I wish that I'll found such guy like him. Boo! So girly baca : GELI lah! I also went on the line to see their picture together, pages discussing about them, the reviews, blogs, I found also Tumblr of Khuntoria. Ohh >.<

This was cut out of the actual broadcast.
I don&#8217;t believe that the gentlemanly Khun would have fell asleep if Victoria didn&#8217;t pretend to fall asleep.

It's not good with me, it's totally not good with me that I need to turn the upside down to normal condition. I decided to immerse in my own stuff, my gentlelady stuff. Let's fighting ! (:

The amazing love story is depend on how u both create, decorate and refresh it. But remember to back to Him in every smile of happiness u feel. - Tyra -

Much love <3


the sedo gang said...

k0 po0m lyn WGM gak k???

Tyra Hanim said...

layan je. Khuntoria, fighting ! (: