Wednesday, August 10, 2011

so reckless


People said I'm the type that living in my own world, I do what I like and I think beyond people thought sometimes. I don't have benchmark and yardstick in certain things and I argue usually what people say, I have my own differ thoughtful, I got reason, I got rationality. Mine. And that's why people say I'm living in my own world. I dress up what I'm feeling like, I sing whenever I feel like, I blurt things sometimes I'm being so nasty and mean though I got things stuck up inside. So i cry whenever I'm feeling like I can't bear the pain in front of anyone and anytime.

U name it street style or sempoi that's what people used to call me. But seriously I ain't a street kiddo, I got principles and things that I hold tight. U can't really judge me on how I appear in your eyes, so U can't explain me the way I'm talking. I'm glad even, I still can distinguish things out what should and shouldn't I do. At least. It just few matters that I'm working on it. I want to all out few things before, then I lay low. Can I? If u love me I do hope that this won't matter, cause the equation is simple You love me dearly = I'll give u chance. 

Trying to accept and learning how I am underneath how u see me, that's mercy and I'd like to thank you for that. If  U caught I'm staring on you, the other time u trying to make thing sure and I respond like a bullshit means that I'm not dare enough to express thing inside yet. Don't stop trying, don't push too hard. Cause if I'm not into, I wont give you a budge. A BUDGE.

This is one of the course I deal with my very own way. My bad, I'm sorry.

aku versus dia


Aku penggemar muzik jalanan
seluar bajuku berceloreng arang
tika kesunyian kugemar berbicara bersendirian
cara dan gayaku fahamku hanya seorang
tutur kataku kasar dan lantang
jalanku, ah mungkin kau kata terkangkang- kangkang!
manakan sama dengan dia yang kau idamkan..