Wednesday, August 10, 2011

so reckless


People said I'm the type that living in my own world, I do what I like and I think beyond people thought sometimes. I don't have benchmark and yardstick in certain things and I argue usually what people say, I have my own differ thoughtful, I got reason, I got rationality. Mine. And that's why people say I'm living in my own world. I dress up what I'm feeling like, I sing whenever I feel like, I blurt things sometimes I'm being so nasty and mean though I got things stuck up inside. So i cry whenever I'm feeling like I can't bear the pain in front of anyone and anytime.

U name it street style or sempoi that's what people used to call me. But seriously I ain't a street kiddo, I got principles and things that I hold tight. U can't really judge me on how I appear in your eyes, so U can't explain me the way I'm talking. I'm glad even, I still can distinguish things out what should and shouldn't I do. At least. It just few matters that I'm working on it. I want to all out few things before, then I lay low. Can I? If u love me I do hope that this won't matter, cause the equation is simple You love me dearly = I'll give u chance. 

Trying to accept and learning how I am underneath how u see me, that's mercy and I'd like to thank you for that. If  U caught I'm staring on you, the other time u trying to make thing sure and I respond like a bullshit means that I'm not dare enough to express thing inside yet. Don't stop trying, don't push too hard. Cause if I'm not into, I wont give you a budge. A BUDGE.

This is one of the course I deal with my very own way. My bad, I'm sorry.

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Angela Brooks said...

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