Monday, October 3, 2011

a little girl's wish


This is a story of a little girl, tiny twee little cute girl with so sweet smile and big black eyed. Always the time people say she's a bright girl, she's a jovial, and seen as a pampered girl. Seems so having everything that every girl wish to have. Slightly imperfection that she has, but people didn't notice that. She knows she's good in hiding everything in the closet and let herself appear as a lovely girl that everybody wanna befriend and be closed to. 

Yeah, and the little girl never stop wishing on the star ; for everything that she has to live without. The buddies, they tell her how their father wake them up whenever they wallow in blanket every morning of the holidays, how their father would say and respond whenever their mother nagging, fussing around- and they laughing together. The little girl too, laughing. But nobody knows how it feels inside. The only thing that she can't tell - stories of a father. That one friend tells how her father surprised her on her birthday, gave her a meaningful and precious present, also wishes. And the father smiled, kissing her forehead. 

She wishing, hardly desire for the feeling of having a father. She wish that she can tell the stories she's being told. She still wishing. 

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