Sunday, December 11, 2011

ada tak bumi lain kat dunia nih?


Sila kagum sekarang sebab aku sangat rajen na post belog bagai, rajen nak ramble and pot pet pot pet kat sini. Hehe. 

Dalam hidup ni tak boley mengeluh kan? Well, aku ta mengeluh pun cuma menghembus nafas dengan kuat dan berirama je. Orang ta panggil mengeluh kan? Heeee~

Pernah ta anda semua rasa kepala anda beruban sebab terlalu banyak perkara yang perlu difikirkan dalam masa yang sangat singkat dan keadaan yang sangat menekan? Dengan test, dan assignments submission, research, revising, patch up, cope up, ape lagi? Lalalalalala~

Seriously I wish for another earth to live on, to relax my mind. I need to breathe. I need air, I need time, I need space, I desire for a place where I can throw everything out and pick up pieces of me... ALLAH.. What is wrong with all these? Geee, young soul whining for twisted fate? STOP IT !

 Please remind me that I told you guys that we need to be thankful for anything we face in this life. Anything we had, come hell or high water, please remind me that ALLAH loves those who are patient and always keep the faith to HIM. For everything to get better, for any circumstances might happen are for the best interest of her.

Ahh, one more. I just got back from jadi fasilitator untuk Kem Solat. Nahhh, stop laughing now! I know, if it's not because of the requirement to be the fasi I won't be chosen. I never thought of having this chance though, but it was memorable and remarkable then. I do learn lots of thing. I learn how to be a mother? I learn to be a good parent? Now Im aware of how tremendous it is when old folks said "anak bagaikan kain yang putih, terpulang kepada kita bagaimana mahu mencorakkannya". Suci.

When I got free times and the pictures, I'll continue with it. Sharing with you guys the experiences here. Maybe selepas minggu sengsara nih. Hehe.

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