Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mock Trial : KARMA what goes around comes around


Apa khabar semua orang? Sihat kan? Alhamdulillah, aku pun sihat sihat sahaja, kalau tak sihat pun terpaksa menyihatkan diri jugak. 

Malas na pot pet banyak sangat lah nanti korang boring pulak, aku nak cite kat korang sal Mock Trial hari tu. Alhamdulillah, it was a huge success kot, everybody was satisfied and we are all so happy. It's finally happen here in USIM. First ever Mock Trial and I'm so honored to be one of the cast and the crew. God knows ^^

So jom layan gambar- gambar yang ada, taken by USIM photographer,  Nazim Amzed. 

Sebelum tu jom aku cerita storyline untuk kiteorang punya Mock Trial ni, case PP against Hamid Basri, membunuh isterinya. Dia menggunakan defense of insanity, claiming that he was not in the soundness mind at the moment he killed his wife. The defense counsel struggling to establish the 'sihir' before the court as Hamid claimed that they were spelled as they were bothered with something supernatural. To help the case the defense counsel also tried to bring before the court that Hamid was suffering from grandiouse type Delusional disorder as the result from an accident he involved on past two years. The case was so hard on behalf of defense counsel when the prosecutors succeed in establishing the prima facie on this case and it goes.....

before it started

 the accused, killed his wife. Hamid.

 Puan Haniza. Public Prosecutor

ini bailiff indon USIM yang sedang dilamun cinta, haha !
Para penonton, ibu ibu bapak semua yang ada ! hehe >.<
bailiff first : Tutti

bailiff freeze, kak ain dan kak hanim

kak Hanim : Putti , haha !

Investigation Officer, Syaza Amani. 

 Prosecutor Witness 2, Julie and DPP.

first submission on establishing prima facie. 

 Dr Dahlia Bukan Sekadar Bunga. 

 Ust Hasan Muslim Ust Hasan Muslim, ust banyak songeh hehe >.<

 My favourite witness, beloved sista Dr Dahlia. 
 Doc : Married with a handsome businessman and granted with 1 kid. 
  DC : at that point doctor, granted with 1 kid? Well planned doctor. 
 Doc : Thx, lol !


partner defense counsel. Abg Aizat Sammmssss ! haha

 we won ! Datuk Mek Senah punya catrina, thunderstorm. Strucked!

 I am not satisfied !!

Leha hidup kembali. 

 Sedetik lebih, cinta terhalang.

 Sir Muzaffar Syah Mallow and director Abg Azim. 

all the crew ! We love each other ! <3

Now, we missed the moments we treasured together before eventually ended. I believed that the hardships and the tears we go through together makes the relationship grow fonder. How we miss the time and if we could turn back to the time and feel the blast again. Something started will just have the ending. That's the end, it was sweet so sweet and beautiful. That day was a fairy tale..

Back to the reality, assignments bertimbun, final is AHEAD ohmai ohmai. Help me.

Get a grip, keep the track. Now, time to fix everything and shoot. Here you go. Please pray for me (:


Anonymous said...

ok bailiff tade,,,TQ

Anonymous said...

thanx..haha bru la lgkap team

Tyra Hanim said...

hehe, love you kak ain ! (: