Thursday, December 29, 2011

towards the end


It has been few days since the last time I get myself online. Now I'm here ketak ketuk ketak ketuk slamming the keyboard to write stuff for u guys? For you guys? I mean for myself, to bottle out things inside, if and only if you guys want to read it, please enjoy! My pleasure. Hehe. Enjoy ke? Whatever >,<

This week is supposed to be study week, supposed to. But I'm occupied with something else, shooting. Yeah, shooting! I'm now an actress. Praise to ALLAH. This is the second time, officially. Wait for it yeah. It's a very nice story with a good ending, I guess. I know u guys can't wait to see me. Well, the title is 'Unwritten'. Haha, so suspicious weh! It will be launched soon. Maybe you guys can check out the trailer on youtube, and see what's up! 

Haih, apparently it was a mini project for my english class. Je pon. HAHA. Tade launching launching lah. Jangan bajet artis sangat >.< 

Stop the crappy. NOW.

Where are we? Ohh. Study week, yep. I went meeting up with my lectures, not all. Only few, to bodek bodek and got advices from them. I'm so touched. Thanks so much cikgu-cikgu saya. Heart you all <3 Nanti saya jadik artis lawyer saya tak kan lupekan cikgu.

Towards the end, this semester. Yes, aku banyak ponteng, aku banyak maen, aku banyak tidur. Ape lagi? Assignement kadang- kadang harapan lah nak ontime kan. Aku sangat busy dengan benda lain. Aku tak pandai sangat nak uruskan masa aku. I feel so bad about myself. Sometimes I even feel like hidup aku macam layang- layang tak berapa nak ada arah tujuan. Kadang-kadang je la kan. Or when I lose my grip, I'll be totally out of the line, astray and might lost the track. Totally. Benda- benda yang aku involve, debate ke, berlakon ke, mooting(dulu), etc I'll just go with the flow. Because I want it, yes but I don't put any aim for it. I'll just go with it. Its troublesome orang laen kadang- kadang and it's not good. That is why, on certain decision it'll be the best if I fix myself first. Might sound so selfish, but this is me. I'm not you, we're different remember? This is my flaw, my destitute, my bad, my mistake. And I am sorry for that. But I can't let the main reason I'm here flip away cause I'll be despair. Please let me pick up the broken pieces. It's all my fault, I admit it. But to start a new page too, its never easy.. But let me try my best too..

 I'm heavy? No, im strong lahh! (:

My lecturer said that I need to build a very strong momentum starting from the early stage, cause the potential won't go far solely on it. It needs to be grown fonder with the extra elements. Instead of what u got, they see how do want it. That's how it counted. sometimes natijahnya bukanlah main thing counted but how we strive to do it is all counted. Kan?

Towards the end, benda benda macam ni yang kita kesali, yang aku kesali. Ya manusia melakukan kesilapan, dan hargailah kemaafan yang diberikan. Kerana kadang- kadang peluang tak datang dua kali. Kesilapan pertama itu kesalahan namun kali kedua ia adalah pilihan. 

Towards the end of this year. Terlalu banyak jugak airmata. Tapi tak nak tacing sangatlah. Semuanya suratan. Bersyukur masih dikurniakan keimanan dan kekuatan.

Explain everything .

Pray for me, will you?


nsdahlia said...

it's ok dear~
i was like that too b4.
as long as we live take it as a chance to improve urself, oke?

Tyra Hanim said...


thanks kak )':