Sunday, January 29, 2012

girls + boybands = no sweat


What up gang? Hope everything's fine.

Girls crazy about boybands is so common, yeah girls + boybands = no sweat. It might sounds pathetic I know but hey boys listen to Korean boybands and imitating them are far and much pathetic okeyh. I honestly think that english boybands are always much more awesome than Korean boybands eventhough sometimes I hook up with their videos and stuff. Not following but still knowing, some kinda. On the other side, undeniably Korean boybands are very good in dancing but not english boybands. I never like boybands before but currently I listen to OneDirection cause they got really amazing people in their group. Ho- yeah. Please jangan jadi lagha macam saya. )= My favourite song after all is "What Makes You Beautiful"

They consist of five, which are from the left Harry, Zayn, Niall, Louis, and Liam. The one that caught most my attention is GAAHH Zayn Malek. He's so lalalalala~ Gee.

He is 19 years old on 12 January from West Lane Baildon, Bradford UK. He's a Muslim. 

I love his voice and I adore the way he sings. But it upsets me when he says ;

Never live life in fear of death.” 

It's like his quotation/ trademark. To be worst he's a Muslim to say that. 

Despite in Islam, a muslim ought to remind himself about the day of death and life after death thus remembering the sins that he did and repent to ALLAH. I hope Muslims out there who be attached to him including me for certain aware about this even how much we 'minat' him.

Bunch of verses that stated the importance of remembering the day of death such ;

Allah Almighty says, "Every self will taste death. You will be paid your wages in full on the Day of Rising. Anyone who is distanced from the Fire and admitted to the Garden, has triumphed. The life of this world is only the enjoyment of delusion," (3:185) 

I can say no more. Heart Zayn. I hope he'll be settled down to be better one.  (=

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

lawyer ; one step to the HELL (what the)


What up people? According to Ben Bradshaw what up/what's up mean apa khabar dalam bahasa melayu yang biasanya digunakan dengan rakan seusia atau dikalangan kawan-kawan sahaja (sila baca in American slang pleaseee baru feel mat salleh hehe) HAHA. One more try, baca yang I wrote in Malay tu dengan American slang. 

Yeah, good! Nice try bro (: Hehe. 

Okay now, what with the title ? Lawyer ; one step to HELL. Pernah dengar tak orang cakap macam tu? Selalu kalau borak dengan orang-orang, biaselah sembang kedai kopi kan. Selalu orang cakap macam tu, jadi lawyer ni selangkah kaki ke syurga selangkah kaki ke neraka. Kira macam terkangkang la, kaki sebelah sebelah kan>,< 

So tell me, betul tak? Betul kan? Dulu pun masa dekat sekolah I just have the same thought, lawyers function dia membela orang yang bersalah by cheating, big fat cheat on judge's faces just to win their cases and get their fees. They did a very bad job for God sake! Hina sangat lawyer nih. 

Sampai law students pun terkena tempiasnya, it's not fair how the society set up 
their mind towards those who fight for justice like, me, like us. Ngeh. Years back, I decided that I won't take law course even my mother insisted  me to do law as she said I'm compatible with the main trail of law students ought to deal with(i don't know how come she said that plus I don't even know what is the main trail I'm talking about). At the end of the day, I ended up taking law course instead and proud of it.  

Before I go with the main pith of my post, take a look on these pictures first yea. One day back then, I saw someone's status on facebook.


I was so excited reading that, without hesitation I put on 'lawyer' to the search box. And these what I've got!

I was totally pissed off! I can read no more.

Let's not talk about what the urbandictionaries said about lawyer. Mari anak-anak sekalian dengarkan apa yang mummy na cakap nih. Dengar elok-elok ye! According to the title, bukan ke dalam kehidupan kita sebagai Muslim ni kan memang sentiasa macam tu ke? Selangkah kaki ke syurga, selangkah kaki ke neraka? Dalam apa-apa yang kita lakukan, that's the reason we need to mind of what we're doing, what we say and what not. Dalam pekerjaan apa-apa pun you name it please, anything, sebesar-besar jawatan perdana menteri, sultan, doctor, polis, dentist, cleaner, pak guard, cleaner pun memang selangkah kaki ke syurga selangkah kaki ke neraka? 

You jadi PM, you salahguna kuasa yang you ada dan guna duit rakyat sesuka hati seperti bagi bini shopping sebagainya - zalim

Jadi policemen, you corrupt. Terima rasuah and bebaskan orang bila dia bagi you duit minum kopi RM50- zalim

Jadi cleaner, you punch card awal mase you tengah lunch- zalim

How it works? Kerja apa-apa pun kalau kita zalim yakni meletakkan sesuatu bukan pada tempatnya, kita berdosa. Dan berdosa itu di mana tempatnya? Neraka. So, please change your mind and set it straight. It is not because I'm a law student then I beria sangat fight for justice(konon hehe). This is the way we set our paradigm. Living in this world is doesn't work by judging something that you don't really know, people.

So stop saying that, it hurts people who are not. Jangan kerana nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga.

I remember Ustaz Hasrizal Jamil cakap which is 

"Kalau nak Malaysia hasilkan filem Islami yang bagus, jangan mengeluh, komplen, merungut dan marahkan Osman Ali sahaja. Kempenkan agar pelajar KISAS dan MAAHAD MUHAMMADI sambung belajar di Limkokwing University"

Tak betul ke ape yang dia cakap tu? MAAHAD MUHAMMADI meh pakat riak sikit! Hehe >,<

Rugi pulak ta apply Lim Kok Wing hari tuhh, keh keh keh.

Lihat betapa pentingnya Muslims representatives in every field. 

One more, mari baca nih jugak ;

Yang ni berkaitan dengan isu "Seksualiti Merdeka" yang baru ni heboh diperkatakan. Bila jadi macam ni baru sibuk-sibuk nak tanye mane lawyer Islam untuk bersuara dalam isu ni. Kamon lah, dalam Bar Council tu, lawyer Islam adalah minoriti. Dan kalau pun mereka lawyer yang beragama Islam, biasanya mereka graduan luarnegara, western countries, UK, US. Diorang belajar undang- undang sekular sahaja. Even dekat Malaysia pun, budak-budak yang ambik sivil sahaja, dua bulan masuk asasi terus exclaimed Federal Constitution is the supreme of the land. Ta de dah, Islam nih. Itu baru student dalam Malaysia. But, no I tak kata semua. But mostly la, cause that's what they learn, what we learn. Then how do u expect the want to voice up as representing all muslims out there? Kalau pernah sembang lebat dekat kedai kopi pun, tanya pasal kawan-kawan sekolah lama dorang akan cakap budak law adalah students yang sangat sosial, not in good term yeah. Kenapa benda ni terjadi? Sebab mereka terlalu memuja constitution. They extract the hidden pith beneath, secular thinking.

I hope that I made my point which is stop the thing with lawyer, one step closer to the hell whatsoever and please bear in mind how we in dire need of Muslim lawyers and law practitioners to speak justice, for other muslims, for Islam itself.

I wish that I can be one, one fine day insyaALLAH.

FYI, this is one wonderful evening of my life (: 

Till then sayangs (:

Monday, January 23, 2012

the power of picture editing


Dah lama pulak aku ta post belog kan, sebelum exam hari tu bukan main bersemangat na update belog, da lepas exam ni belog ke mana, semangat ke mana, to-do-lists-after-final ke mane. Cakap pasal to-do-lists-after-final ni kan, one of mine adalah google photoscape and adobe photoshop for dummies. I love photography, the main reason why I have tumblr is because I love splendid pictures, the art of it. Well, picture tells thousand words kan. True. You need to know how epic it is. Cause sometimes words can't explain it what beneath it.

That Day, mase Ibadah Camp I did snap lots of pictures using somebody else' DSLR of course HAHA. And one of my favourite picture is ;

This one is raw, without any editing or removing noise or whatsoever. It's one candid, but I really love her expression. Pure. The skin colour. Beautiful.

I was goofing off with photoscape, eventually ended up with this. I'm gonna put it on tumblr bebeh. I'm proud with my own piece. It's not awesome sangat pun I know, but I just love it. Cause we made it by ourself kan. We know how meaningful it is. Kamon lah, our masterpiece kot. (:

Lisa baby, please be my model!HEHE

 This is my Tumblr, and the DP is totally noo0o0ttttttttttt me. It's DP yang memangg code dia attach dengan my layout.

Till next time InsyaALLAH. Bye honey bunny (:

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

this is just a pre-post


I got my to-do-list after finals, apparently. But on top of that I need to sleep first. Seriously, last night tidur sejam saje bukan sebab pulun ke ape tapi sebab ta boley tidur nervous dua paper law dan syariah yang sangatlah contravene antara satu sama laen bagai air dengan minyak kamon memang tak boleh nak masuk. Menggunapakai dua principle yang sangat berbeza. Apa-apa pun alhamdulillah syukur ke hadrat Ilahi sebab berjaya jugak lalui hari yang tragik dan berdarah. Tangan dan muscle I rasa macam ala-ala cramp gitu, ta de sesape na tolong urut ke? HEWHEW Alhamdulillah lagi sebab I masih hidup lepas jawab dua paper tu sekaligus post I yang semalam tu bukanlah post yang terakhir. Ngehss 

Hari tu I janji na cerita pengalaman I pergi Kem Solat kanak- kanak riang hari tu kan. Tapi seriously I ta de pun lagi semua gambar-gambar hari kejadian ade beberapa keping sahaja tu pun sebab Kak Fariza upload dekat facebook. Well this is just the pre post untuk post tu nanti InsyaALLAH jika diizinkan untuk I cerita dekat korang semua. Sungguh. Rindu sungguh dekat adik-adik comel sekalian. Masa malam training debate hari tu baru je cakap dengan Bro Aizat sal rindu dorang bla bla bla dan Alhamdulillah raya cina ni diberi kesempatan lagi berjumpa dengan dorang lanjutan daripada kem hari tu, yang ini second phase punya. Nak menyampaikan kepada adik-adik ni buatkan I sedar banyak lagi yang perlu diperbetulkan dalam diri sendiri tentang apa-apa yang I nak sampaikan kat diorang ni. Tak nak ramble banyak sangatlah kan sebab mata mengantuk ta boleh na bukak nih Ohmai hellppppp meehhhhhh !

I letak lah gambar dorang sebagai tanda ingatan, InsyaALLAH nanti ade sequence kot (:

 Beautiful Kasih Leona Ixora

 Budak-budak ni pantang nampak camera, confident je posing (:

Sorry la sayang kakak tak ingat nama lah, tapi adik ni comel gila manja suka gesel-gesel Sis Tyra Sis Tyra(that's what they call me) mase malam last tu dia datang kat kiteorang cakap "Please wake me up tomorrow cause before u guys back home, I want to salam kakak and abang" Omooo terharu sehh~ Macam tu la lebih kurang ayat dia.

 Game! Diorang kena parktis tayamum sebelum move to next check point

 Sorry baby kakak lupa nama yang kanan je ingat Farha. Okay da ingat, Lisa !

 MAFIA Azhar Sulaiman

 *berlatih jadi ibu penyayang* Gerammnya Elya denga Reana

 Pagi last, sesi bersama Catriona Ross

 Bro Aizat, Bro Izad, Sis Aisyah with the kids. I was taking the pic!

 Last day, We ALL !

Adik-adik Sis Tyra miss you all big time ! Can't wait to see you. 

Can't say no more, i'm so sleepy. Nak tidur dulu. Selamat malam untuk diri sendiri.

xoxo~ *pelukcium*

Monday, January 16, 2012

berehat sebentar


That awkward moment when you open the test and you can't even answer the first question. 



Harapnya tak jadi macam ni esok. Two subject core weh. Kalau aku mati esok anggaplah ni post terakhir. Kbai.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Short Stories that Will Leave You Smiling, Crying and Thinking.


I went up reading some stuff here and there just now, thought going to share it with you guys. Believe it's worth reading. Let's catch up (:

Its 101 short stories something like that, I'm sharing a few that I love. 

 Number 23 *speechless*. Number 27 hit me )'=

 54 : Me too ...

 Always the time we do not appreciate things that we have until we lost them.That's the time we realize how precious it was until it's gone and it's tear us apart how we never
   regard them with full blessing and grant. And the small things that apparently giving a huge meaning in our live later on, always happen.

Life is always full of surprise and unpredictable. This earth is round and our life is circle. Kan? Dan betapa hebatnya TUHAN kita yang tidak terlepas pandang walau satu perkara hatta sehelai daun yang luruh dari pohonnya. 

Subhanallah, Maha Suci Allah (:

Saturday, January 7, 2012

robert pattinson fever


No, I am not a hard die fan of the Twilight series but I did watch Vampire Sucks which I believe it's a parody or mocking of the Twilight series nor I am into Robert Pattinson himself,  nevertheless I had friends which likely I stated before.

Eversince I watch Vampire Sucks I do want to go through the world craziness aka Twilight. But I haven't, after finals would do maybe. Yippe! Talking about finals, how is yours people? I hope everything's fine. I am done with two papers, arabic and english and I have four to go. TITAS, ICT, Malaysian Legal System and Syariah. The previous two was *&^&$%r6I&*&%$!!!?? haha what's that? I carelessly lost my five marks on arabic, not taking into accounts jawapan yang salah so the total would be? Pfffftttt! And my english was average. Few questions got me screwed. *Sigh*

Plus plus plus people, I find out that reading TITAS was not so exciting, with all the history things and what not. I got my brain cramp and it's excruciating me. The worst part is, come on I am not a computer geek to memorize all the ICT stuffs, well yeah I love my computer but to hafal on how a database interacts with data and information also to define the term using, or how the data data integrity describing the qualities of a valuable information and etc is A BIG NO NO. 

Maybe I should stop whining and rumble around. Nama pun belajar kan. Instead of me belajar these things, I also belajar bersabar to belajar these things. So keling, whatever it is I hope u guys got it. Life is all about art of being patient. (:

Ahh, back to Twilight, and Robert Pattinson. I googled him, I read about him on Wiki now please ask me how many movies he has been casting, bring it to the table people! :P

*he is* - typo
My tweets, hehe. Lalala~

FYI, Im not gonna replace him to Chad Michael Murray. HAHA

I better off now, so much lapse taken to this, I gotta continue with my beloved TITAS. Oh, jangan ingat saya rajin ke ape cause I haven't finish the chapters pun apatah lagi buat soalan e-imtiyaz >.<

Pray for me (:

Papai peeps, love ya *hug*

Random : Tetibe terfikir, Is it proper for a 20 years girl write up about this? So childish >.< 

Monday, January 2, 2012

peperiksaan kehidupan, selamat berjaya wahai teman ! (:


Rintihan ~

manusia merintih
rindukan Tuhan
lelah mengejar bayangan
terperangkap dalam kesilapan
melihat mimpi semakin kelam
merindukan keindahan silam

namun semakin hati
tenggelam dalam rintihan
semakin jauh kau
dari jalan TUHAN.

Bangkitlah insan,
kerana ini bukan pengakhiran!

3-1-2012, 3.14 am

Teman seperjuangan, selamat menempuh peperiksaan. Ingatlah, ini bukanlah sebenarnya peperiksaan dalam kehidupan, kerana yang sebenarnya peperiksaan dalam kehidupan, ia datang tanpa diundang, datang tanpa sempat kau membuat persediaan. Dan kadang- kadang berdepan dengannya kau salah membuat perhitungan. Itulah peperiksaan kehidupan, yang menguji keimanan. Namun, ingatlah juga setiap kegagalan tidak pernah bermakna pengakhiran. 

Malas lah nak tempek schedule exam, namun aku masih mohon dikirimkan doa daripada kalian (ahh, dah bunyik macam bibik indon.) Kbai. 

Untuk memberi semangat kat korang semua study ;P

nah ambik biskut ni sorang satu, ehh jangan berebut lah! Hish.. >.< 

ni gambar gelpren kitew

ni gambar anak terbuang sesat kat Mid Valley mintak makanan ;P

Dah semangat? Bagus, pergi study sekarang ye abang? 


Eh, maafkan. Sayang. Please take care, (: