Monday, January 23, 2012

the power of picture editing


Dah lama pulak aku ta post belog kan, sebelum exam hari tu bukan main bersemangat na update belog, da lepas exam ni belog ke mana, semangat ke mana, to-do-lists-after-final ke mane. Cakap pasal to-do-lists-after-final ni kan, one of mine adalah google photoscape and adobe photoshop for dummies. I love photography, the main reason why I have tumblr is because I love splendid pictures, the art of it. Well, picture tells thousand words kan. True. You need to know how epic it is. Cause sometimes words can't explain it what beneath it.

That Day, mase Ibadah Camp I did snap lots of pictures using somebody else' DSLR of course HAHA. And one of my favourite picture is ;

This one is raw, without any editing or removing noise or whatsoever. It's one candid, but I really love her expression. Pure. The skin colour. Beautiful.

I was goofing off with photoscape, eventually ended up with this. I'm gonna put it on tumblr bebeh. I'm proud with my own piece. It's not awesome sangat pun I know, but I just love it. Cause we made it by ourself kan. We know how meaningful it is. Kamon lah, our masterpiece kot. (:

Lisa baby, please be my model!HEHE

 This is my Tumblr, and the DP is totally noo0o0ttttttttttt me. It's DP yang memangg code dia attach dengan my layout.

Till next time InsyaALLAH. Bye honey bunny (:


Firdaus® said...

nice picture.. =) huuu..
rajin2 la update belog tu ye...baru orang boleh baca...

btw do follow my blog yea =)

Orkid Edyliyne @ OrkEd said...

cantik cantik.
OE pun pakai photoscape sebab senang nak guna.
hehe. ^^

Tyra Hanim said...


thanks bro! InsyaALLAH (:

Tyra Hanim said...


maseh, yup mmg sng na gune. Serious (: n lawa..