Saturday, January 7, 2012

robert pattinson fever


No, I am not a hard die fan of the Twilight series but I did watch Vampire Sucks which I believe it's a parody or mocking of the Twilight series nor I am into Robert Pattinson himself,  nevertheless I had friends which likely I stated before.

Eversince I watch Vampire Sucks I do want to go through the world craziness aka Twilight. But I haven't, after finals would do maybe. Yippe! Talking about finals, how is yours people? I hope everything's fine. I am done with two papers, arabic and english and I have four to go. TITAS, ICT, Malaysian Legal System and Syariah. The previous two was *&^&$%r6I&*&%$!!!?? haha what's that? I carelessly lost my five marks on arabic, not taking into accounts jawapan yang salah so the total would be? Pfffftttt! And my english was average. Few questions got me screwed. *Sigh*

Plus plus plus people, I find out that reading TITAS was not so exciting, with all the history things and what not. I got my brain cramp and it's excruciating me. The worst part is, come on I am not a computer geek to memorize all the ICT stuffs, well yeah I love my computer but to hafal on how a database interacts with data and information also to define the term using, or how the data data integrity describing the qualities of a valuable information and etc is A BIG NO NO. 

Maybe I should stop whining and rumble around. Nama pun belajar kan. Instead of me belajar these things, I also belajar bersabar to belajar these things. So keling, whatever it is I hope u guys got it. Life is all about art of being patient. (:

Ahh, back to Twilight, and Robert Pattinson. I googled him, I read about him on Wiki now please ask me how many movies he has been casting, bring it to the table people! :P

*he is* - typo
My tweets, hehe. Lalala~

FYI, Im not gonna replace him to Chad Michael Murray. HAHA

I better off now, so much lapse taken to this, I gotta continue with my beloved TITAS. Oh, jangan ingat saya rajin ke ape cause I haven't finish the chapters pun apatah lagi buat soalan e-imtiyaz >.<

Pray for me (:

Papai peeps, love ya *hug*

Random : Tetibe terfikir, Is it proper for a 20 years girl write up about this? So childish >.< 

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