Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Short Stories that Will Leave You Smiling, Crying and Thinking.


I went up reading some stuff here and there just now, thought going to share it with you guys. Believe it's worth reading. Let's catch up (:

Its 101 short stories something like that, I'm sharing a few that I love. 

 Number 23 *speechless*. Number 27 hit me )'=

 54 : Me too ...

 Always the time we do not appreciate things that we have until we lost them.That's the time we realize how precious it was until it's gone and it's tear us apart how we never
   regard them with full blessing and grant. And the small things that apparently giving a huge meaning in our live later on, always happen.

Life is always full of surprise and unpredictable. This earth is round and our life is circle. Kan? Dan betapa hebatnya TUHAN kita yang tidak terlepas pandang walau satu perkara hatta sehelai daun yang luruh dari pohonnya. 

Subhanallah, Maha Suci Allah (:


Tuan Azraie said...

tyra...aku suke blog ko.....menarik....:)

Tyra Hanim said...

haha, biase je blog aku. Btw, thx (:

Tuan Azraie said...

biase...tapi menarik.....aku suke la...sebab aku tak tau edit la...aku nak teroke lagi blog ko..ape je yang best...hehehe..:)

Tyra Hanim said...

ta ya la teroka, segan aku ohh >.<

ak ta pndai jugak edit blog, yg basic boley la (: