Tuesday, February 21, 2012

kita dan puji- pujian


Dah lame ta post belog, tahu. Bukan busy sangat pun sebenarnya, gaya busy tu mengalahkan perdana menteri je kan. Tak menahan. Kaifa hal? Tudia, keluar arab dah! Tapi itu je yang mampu, hehe. Nak banyak-banyak tulis sendiri okay! =p

Okay, saya nak cakap pasal apa hari ni. Tengok tajuk, haa itulah dia. Kita dan puji- pujian. I've been scribbling my diary for a quite a while to eventually put it here and share it with you guys.

Always the time we try to put things on the track, to set up things straight. But no, it makes no different. At all. How would that feel? Upset? Of course! Of course we do feel upset. We put efforts on it but the outcome is not as in what we were expecting. So what we need to do? I just want to share my point of thoughts and experiences here, just to knock some common sense, what I've gone through. Yeah, it is true that experience is the best ever teacher. That's how u learn in real life, that's it. You won't know until u feel it, you've gone through it. 

In life we do things. Be it anything, study, debate, mooting, singing, you name it. ANYTHING. Things we do, people might say that we're good in it, better than anybody else, you have strong this and that or whatsoever it is peeps. People praise you, they say that u did splendid. Do u need to be bloated bitch after all? NO WAY. Secure enough, sufficiently comfortable? Don't you ever do that, cause once you say to yourself that you're good, you're actually hindering yourself from step up to another graduated level of learning and improving. Like what you're doing now? Is it to have as much compliments that u might get? Hey, Too many people are living for compliments, instead of accomplishment. Wake Up! This is not fantasy, living in compliments won't make us accomplished. Never feel good about yourself cause even if how good you are, there are always room for improvements. ALWAYS. We're human being, we are not perfect. Remember?

Things we do, sometimes we get upset with it simply because people never see what we're contributing, how hard we struggling, or maybe we are not yet capable on joining the so called bandwagon, then we get demoralized. People don't notice how significant and how hard we tried. They might say we are not good enough compare to other peers, or you're not worth it. Like if it's happen to me, I'll say who are you to judge me? The only thing you know about me is my name, even don't know how to spell or pronounce it right, how do you know what I'm doing? People, they won't stop talking about you. There'll always something to talk about, but they don't know, we know ourselves. Who are they to say that we're not good enough? This is when the time that we need to be very strong to endure all these, it's unbearable sometimes but we always have the option which is to fight for it.

People, they will always give expectation. To be worst is, high expectation. If it's me, I seriously don't like it when people put some sort of high expectation on me cause one day I might down the expectation, that they will somehow undermine me or having an entire new expectation to me. But I can't restrict them to do so cause they're people, right? They judge. Us too. If you do things for yourself, for God sake u do it because that's what you want, you'll eventually pull things right. People's expectation doesn't really matter, your expectation within yourself is that matters cause that's how u get the strength to pick up the pieces. Doing things for yourself, having expectation on yourself and work hard to fulfill it, is satisfying cause you're the only one knows what you're fighting for actually. Sometimes you just need to ignore what people say about you. Cause these people might be the one who wants to see you in devastation. Are you going to make them happy by giving up the chances and the hidden potential that you actually have? At the end of the day, you'll see its actually work out the way that you wish and hoping for. Just be patient! Allah Maha Adil lah kawan, apa yang penting adalah honesty and sincerity dengan diri sendiri.

What I learn? I learn that doing things to meet people's expectation will just upsets you at the end of the day. Put Allah in front in everything you do. Be that as the first and foremost, then yourself. You'll get things straight whenever it astray. Kalau kita buat benda for God sake, ikhlaskan niat kita which is not easy yes I know but believe me it's always worth it, then Allah yang akan buatkan benda- benda lain untuk kita. Betul. Bukankah hati manusia semuanya di tangan Allah? Sometimes, it's about how we take things and reflect to it within ourselves that change whole perspective of everything/anything that happened. Take it positively. Yeah I know it's not easy to keep the faith that everything happens for a reason especially when it is bad things happened but hey, think positive won't hurt pun. You'll get better idea, & angle of why things happen the way they did after all.

So, kesimpulannya. Be real, face it! It's not life without difficulties and tears right? That's what I've been reminding myself. Over and over again. But happiness is yours, people can't take it from you. So choose to be happy and go on with life okay? You're strong and beautiful!

Say Thank to Allah for everything. (: