Wednesday, May 2, 2012



I always envy those who know how to really speak their feeling out loud on their blog because if it's me I think I just can't. Like in my real life, I don't tell anybody how I'm feeling except for certain people who really close to me. Sometimes even, they know I'm sad but they do not what is the reason behind it. 

I wish I can really shout it out so that you guys could know what i'm going through inside, how much I'm battling with my own feeling over something and etc. I might seen as a strong girl, yeah maybe. But if I open up, you'll just realize that how vulnerable I am. But the problem of appearing strong is people think it's okay to hurt you because you are strong enough to bear with it! Then? Whatever lahh -,- Just stay strong and screw it. Maybe it's just unfriendly, insecure feeling inside that turn out to be something I never expect. 

But the answer is ;

Goodnight, sweet people (=

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