Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dear Diary II ; U May Call This Old School (Y)


So people we shall continue our girls talk(ke?). Whatever it is. I'm gonna write here the two selected pieces here. What's up with this post? Well, read this one before hand okay? Dear Diary ; U May Call This Old School (Y)

So, now let us treasure(lah sangat) it!

What A Family Means To Me. 

Family, means everything to me. That is the best statement to describe the significant meaning of family. I came from a small family, which is me and my brother instead of my parents. My brother, 7 years old quite a gap compared to me. Even it is small, I appreciate my family the way they are. Even always the time how I'm wishing to have a big family, I mean big. Maybe having four or five sisters and brothers, also another younger siblings. But we need to be thankful of what we have. That's the best way of living. No matter who you are outside the house, you're still a sister, a daughter to your family. I have many friends but it is nothing compared to my family. They're not being with at all my wrenching time but my family always does. They give me the unconditional love, embrace me for who I am. They listen to every utterance of mine no matter what is it. Being apart from my family, being truly independent, I realize that the one that bear with me on any circumstances is, my family. I cried for recalling my mother's words "wherever you go, there'll be no plave like home, there'll be no people love you like your family do". I nodded my head and wipe my tears...

My Dream Vacation

My dream vacation would be outside of the country, be it Jordan, United States, UK, London, Paris the city for lovers. Dream vacation with family is absolutely fancy, with your loved one would be magnificent. Only two of us, will make this time to know better about each other, get used and spend more time together. Maybe being in snowy and chill places at night, putting thick clothes, and muffler, we play building snowmen and decorating them. Then running together on the pearl white snow, getting exhausting, lying down for a while and seeing the bright full moon on the sky and stargazing. After all, visiting places like Eiffel Tower, experience the journeys, pray together in park, capturing lots of pictures together. Yes, I really mean a lot! It would be nice when we walk on the street while enjoying the ice cream and taking the clumsiest photos of each other, bursting in laughter seeing it. He then says, how cute I am in the pictures. Walking through the street stalls, buy stuff for each other, wearing the couple tees, sharing those reminisce moments that will last forever. 

Aha, I know the second one is cheesy so much. You know, my second hobby after all is berangan. SO, okay. That's all. I just want to share and I need to channel the stuck up desire to write here, I have nothing particular in my mind so enjoy this one yea. Good day people! (=

Dear Diary ; U May Call This Old School (Y)


Yea, I know I'm in the middle of exam weeks but that doesn't hinder me from wasting my time online and goofing of here and there. Ahaha XD How are you guys doing? I hope ever thing's in fine and u are in pink of health, as fit as fiddle! Say what? Say alhamdulillah! (=

What we gonna talk about tonight, err I guess it's not night but morning. It's almost three, and I was struggling to finish the Hubungan Etnik book! Super duper boring, gloomy and dull. You name it u got it yeah. Reminds me to years back when I was in Form 5, the history stuff that never fail to doze me off whenever I read em for good. Sigh sigh. I was supposed to tell you what we are going to talk about tonight. It's about diary. Yeah, do u write one? I write it since my days on primary school. I just like to jot down things that happened to me on a particular book, it's like one place to rant anything on my mind. So, since we are now in the millennium era, accept it that we write almost everything online. 

No more diaries, no more beautiful fluffy(?) books where we use to write things that we always keep it inside. Twitter, facebook, blog have apparently succeed in taking its place. So sad... Well that happens to me too. No more such thing 

"dear diary, to day I had a bad day. I got scold by my teacher for got mathematics formula recited wrong and to be worst my crush laughed at me some more. How dare you! "

Admit it, that you used to write that too! ;p

Best kan time ada diary dulu-dulu, like if anyone happens to read it hey you're digging your own grave.  >,<

Even now, it seems old school. Writing pieces of your precious feeling on diary, I still practice it. Simply because I love it. Simply because I find it intriguing. You have your own space, like even you have your own blog where you can place and tell anything here, but U still got something that most likely you'll just want to keep it to yourself. Eg; Are u going to put your crush lists since you were in standard six until now in your blog? No, right? So, it served the purpose. On previous semester, we need to do that diary thingy and submit it to our lecturers, it's for our english class. So, I think I managed to create a remarkable masterpiece. Ehehe. Jum tengok!

Title : What family means to me
Title :  My Dream Vacation
 Ze cover =p
 overall comment isn't it?
I thought of putting some part of it here, so stay tune ye kawan- kawan? I'm not gonna make it in one entry cause It's gonna drag and too long. Till then lovelies! (=

Done with it, you're welcome to click the link right here Dear Diary II ; U May Call This Old School (Y)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Reminisce ; Vice Chancellor Cup Part II


Hye hye, I can't wait to finish the story! How about you guys? Let us continue the previous post. *Muka semangat* Sesape yang ta baca lagi kindly check this one okay (= Reminisce ; Vice Chancellor Cup Part I.

The question I left, 

Did we break the losing curse?

Yeah, we did. 

We won over them this time around & steadily stepping to the semi- final. That was quite unexpected, yer know life is just ironic. Always the time we got things that we don't want and otherwise happens. Allah gives you something that you need, not what you wish. Isn't it?

 Quarter final, the best speaker was giving his speech.

We were quite anxious, mix feelings some more. Not to mention we were happy of course for breaking the curse and at the same time pursuing our aim to step to semi finals. The match up for semi finals were released and we are going to go against taaddahhhh! Guess who? The team with 5wins during the prelim and surpassed the league. I even said to them, "you know we are not going to win this round. Thank God, we can pack up and go back home.". Seriously. Hehe.

Few pictures on the semi finals. Ohh, we were wearing pink. Ooowwmaaiigaawwwdd, ladies so much la pakai pink je >,< Hehe

Through breaking rounds, we were trying to be flexible, not fix on one position. Previously, Bro Hilmi was the whip speaker. When Reyn replacing him, she was taking the first or the second. Me also, first and second cause I need to do reply. Izyan, second and third. This time around, I was the second.

dedicated prime minister I can tell

whats wrong with my face? NOOO

 FKP B, Amarul the best speaker

 "yang berhormat ni tak baca surat khabar ke?" Hehe

Finished our round already, hehe!

 waiting for the semi finals verdict
 3 lassies

Though, the only thing that we had in our mind was "GOING BACK HOME YES PLEASE" since the morning. When the result was announced I just finished with my praying when Izyan called me

 " Tyra please be quick, result is about to release".

 I was brisk walking when on my way to the motions room Izyan called me again 

"Dear, we are going to final." 

I was startled at first but then I just smiled and say Alhamdulillah. Hehe, ye lah memang tak nak masuk final tapi kalau dah rezeki bergolek depan mata ta kan tak bersyukur? Kan?

When I was about to reach the motions room, Izyan & Reyn were approaching and we were all hugging. Meeyyhhh, of course la so happy. It was unexpected that we'll go this far with so many problems and so on. Ahh, I hate it nobody took our pictures at that moment. It was precious. Ever. 

preparing for the final, abang2 medic giving their advices

Bro Amar, Bro Qayyum, Sis Syu, Bro Hazim,

Thanks to abang- abang medic for helping us out through the finals preparation. We appreciate it (=

 congratulations from Miss & yeah I love this picture <3

So, yeah final! Here we come! ^^

Things that we feel a bit upset about, the grand finals was not so grand. Err, I have no mean intention but as finalists we thought that management need to work out on that. Last year, the finalists were sponsored with clothes, they just need to debate on that night,  we can say that dorang dapat layanan first class la overall. But this this year, lemau sikit. Sedih tsk tsk tsk )'=

 on the audio room, testing the mic

 final stage was awaiting

cuak faces, hehe

 about to start

 im not sure whether this is the main speech or reply speech

 Reyn was in action

 POI please yang berhormat!!
 I cant remember what was happening

redha dengan kekalahan

Actually, there's one little secret that I want to reveal. Is it still consider as a secret when I openly talk about it? Nahh, hehehe. I hope u guys can extract a lesson from it. Actually, we kinda didn't want to go to finals, after we won the semi we were whining about going back home and not wanting to debate and all that which I could say, it shouldn't be said. Like hey, u never asked for it but u got it. Be thankful la. Those who are in dire want to go to finals but they can't make it? How do they feel about it? Banyak songeh pulak kan. At the moment, we didn't really think that way. Until we lost and we really feel the severe pain then we realize our mistakes but it was too late. We learned our lesson, hard way through. We cried, but that didn't change anything. 

After all, we still think it was not so bad. Hey at least we made it to final. 3 lassies that got final freak, but then we were still enjoying our moments. So to chill out, we went to McD lepaking and release the tense, laughing and having those priceless moments some more. Even it probably not immediately chasing the frustration but at least we still had a good time. Kan korang?

A massive thanks to Bro Aliff, the Mock Trial judge, was also the best speaker for the VC English Debate, for a big treat that night. We owe you big big time seriously! Bro Azuwa, Bro Hilmi, Bro Omar. Last but never the least, we can't never ever repay you Bro Shaher & Sis Ain (the spouse) HAHA. U guys are awesome. They were the one who be with us, beef us up through the hard time, channelled the strength, helped us with the preps, and almost everything I can say. Stand patiently especially with brat myself, I'm sorry for that. I just like being consoled by u guys my dear sis and bro (= Thanks sangat. Allah je boleh repay you guys for your deeds. May Allah bless u forever.

bro shaher!

 Sis with english debaters (:

Thank you to my teammates for your cooperation, stand & bear with me I know I pissed you guys off a lot. But still, u did great dealing with that. I owe u guys too, korang kena marah, I was pressuring you guys, Tyra mintak maaf sangat okay? )'= I love you all.

Special thanks I dedicated to all of you guys, Sis Syuhada, Sis Hakimah, Sis Aini and each and every one of you that facilitated, be with us through the time. Thank you, thank you very much. I have nothing to give, But ALLAH always has something to repay your kindness. Thanks for painting it with me, the beautiful memories that I'll never forget. 

Please keep this in your heart, I love you all. And please, never forget me in you du'a. Uhibbukum fillah, abadan abada (:

Friday, June 1, 2012

Reminisce ; Vice Chancellor Cup 2012


Alhamdulillah I finally finished my second semester of my first year, and even more another 23days I'm gonna turn into 20 years old. I'm a big girl! Oh, I can't believe it time flies so fast. I feel like it's just yesterday my mum still brushing my hair and put powder on my face but now I am a twenty years old girl? Indeed, times never wait. 

FYI, this week is gonna be our study week then I have 7 papers ahead, I wish all my friends and whoever read this post, please shoot me with your du'a so I can do well in my final and achieve my target. 

I planned to write this long time ago, but I haven't got ample time to do it so now I'm gonna share with you all, one of the reminiscent memories of 2012 I guess. And I hope it'll stay that way.

Last Vice Chancellor Cup, I decided to participate malay debate since I was a Malay Debater as well during my secondary school. Sometimes I got more feel urging whenever I debate in Malay simply because it's my language and I'm proud of it certainly. At first I need to choose whether to be on3 of the jury for english debate or participating malay debate & I think I had made a right choice. 

That day, when we had our english debate training we need to do public speaking on the title "My Happiest Moment". I had my 7 minutes speech talking about this (= So now I think I'm gonna run my post that way. 

Have you ever played Angry Birds games? I'm pretty sure that u guys did. Playing Angry Birds games sometimes, we think the level seems easy but we had hard time to pass it otherwise. Another time, we think we not gonna pass this level cause it's so difficult, but then yes we did it. And it was splendid. I think sometimes life works that way. Things always go unforeseeable, might hard than it looks and the other times it's easier that it looks. That was what happening to me during VC CUP 2012. 

We have no people to represent our Faculty, to be worst we were loaded with unhelpful people some more. Teams were set up a day before the date of competition. The only one who worked out with me earlier was Izyan Nazihah. We did research together, thank God I had her! The teams were rearranged, some members dissenting, and all that. At last, we have Raihan & Bro Hilmi in our team.

the night before the competition

the journey began here. Round 1, Win.

 Ahhh, they were tamhidians.

After the round. Nerdy look >,<

 Motions room. Waiting for the match up.

 They are Pandanians (Medic students) Judges

So for the first day, we won 2rounds out of 3. We lost over KK1 for salah bukak konsep, we were the government. Opening the case is very important in debate so yeah. Lost. Bites.

Never mind that, move to the fresh second day. We thought it will be smooth & swift , instead the lost pain that we still suffered but.. unfortunately. We lost with margin 1 the day before. IDK what was happening it appeared that the margin was 11. Can u imagine 11, those who got 11 margin is like 

"Assalamualaikum, yang dipertua usul pada hari ini adalah Lynas Bukan Agenda Politik. Emm err I'm sorry I can't really speak in Malay"

God knows how we feel at that time, we were crying especially Me & Izyan. We had enough hard times, it hit so harsh that we almost couldn't take it. We were refused to continue to the next round but after all the dramas and tearshed we went to the third round still. We were not doing this for ourselves, we did that for FSU. We carried the responsibility. 

 3rd round, Tamhidian again. We won thank God.

Won at the third round, we gradually gained the confident. Alhamdulillah. The fifth round, the last round for the day was against FPSK (Medicine). I think that was the plausible round I went through. Cause I feel like all of us performed quite well and Izyan was excellent. At the moment, most of the other languages rounds were finished and they went to the DKF to witness us. The DKF was almost full!

 2012 funniest face ; Izyan HAHA

They captured my whole reply speech, one sweetest feeling, people laughed on your jokes, getting the solid applause from the audience once you finish your speech is just so breathtaking! 

We thought that we had win the round but it happened otherwise. We lost. Well, unbelievable. No, I'm not bragging. Just repeating what people were saying. But overall it was okay cause we still manage to break the quarter! Yeah, alhamdulillah.

this one is epic fail picture of the year trololol

 half of the contingents

 IRDK what to put

 round that we lost to KK1

We were given a whole week to prepare on our quarter, please note that we still have classes to attend and assignments to be done. SO we were not really prepared actually, only two nights before the day. Our aim was only to break the semi, cause we knew that we won't go beyond that. Plus, all we thought about was going back home. Dah start semester holiday kot sabtu tuh, tsk tsk tsk I wanna go back home!

 quarter final, against KK1 another one more time

Actually the moment the match ups were released we knew that we not gonna break the semi cause yeah we had history with them. Lost history. But last night, we decided to just enjoy our rounds and just kick the arse well we are going back after all. So that's what we did. 

Fuuuu~ Seriously let's take a break first yea? SO many pictures loaded here I think I'm gonna continue it on the next post. 

Did we break the losing curse? Stay tune yea kawan- kawan! (=