Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dear Diary II ; U May Call This Old School (Y)


So people we shall continue our girls talk(ke?). Whatever it is. I'm gonna write here the two selected pieces here. What's up with this post? Well, read this one before hand okay? Dear Diary ; U May Call This Old School (Y)

So, now let us treasure(lah sangat) it!

What A Family Means To Me. 

Family, means everything to me. That is the best statement to describe the significant meaning of family. I came from a small family, which is me and my brother instead of my parents. My brother, 7 years old quite a gap compared to me. Even it is small, I appreciate my family the way they are. Even always the time how I'm wishing to have a big family, I mean big. Maybe having four or five sisters and brothers, also another younger siblings. But we need to be thankful of what we have. That's the best way of living. No matter who you are outside the house, you're still a sister, a daughter to your family. I have many friends but it is nothing compared to my family. They're not being with at all my wrenching time but my family always does. They give me the unconditional love, embrace me for who I am. They listen to every utterance of mine no matter what is it. Being apart from my family, being truly independent, I realize that the one that bear with me on any circumstances is, my family. I cried for recalling my mother's words "wherever you go, there'll be no plave like home, there'll be no people love you like your family do". I nodded my head and wipe my tears...

My Dream Vacation

My dream vacation would be outside of the country, be it Jordan, United States, UK, London, Paris the city for lovers. Dream vacation with family is absolutely fancy, with your loved one would be magnificent. Only two of us, will make this time to know better about each other, get used and spend more time together. Maybe being in snowy and chill places at night, putting thick clothes, and muffler, we play building snowmen and decorating them. Then running together on the pearl white snow, getting exhausting, lying down for a while and seeing the bright full moon on the sky and stargazing. After all, visiting places like Eiffel Tower, experience the journeys, pray together in park, capturing lots of pictures together. Yes, I really mean a lot! It would be nice when we walk on the street while enjoying the ice cream and taking the clumsiest photos of each other, bursting in laughter seeing it. He then says, how cute I am in the pictures. Walking through the street stalls, buy stuff for each other, wearing the couple tees, sharing those reminisce moments that will last forever. 

Aha, I know the second one is cheesy so much. You know, my second hobby after all is berangan. SO, okay. That's all. I just want to share and I need to channel the stuck up desire to write here, I have nothing particular in my mind so enjoy this one yea. Good day people! (=

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