Saturday, June 2, 2012

Reminisce ; Vice Chancellor Cup Part II


Hye hye, I can't wait to finish the story! How about you guys? Let us continue the previous post. *Muka semangat* Sesape yang ta baca lagi kindly check this one okay (= Reminisce ; Vice Chancellor Cup Part I.

The question I left, 

Did we break the losing curse?

Yeah, we did. 

We won over them this time around & steadily stepping to the semi- final. That was quite unexpected, yer know life is just ironic. Always the time we got things that we don't want and otherwise happens. Allah gives you something that you need, not what you wish. Isn't it?

 Quarter final, the best speaker was giving his speech.

We were quite anxious, mix feelings some more. Not to mention we were happy of course for breaking the curse and at the same time pursuing our aim to step to semi finals. The match up for semi finals were released and we are going to go against taaddahhhh! Guess who? The team with 5wins during the prelim and surpassed the league. I even said to them, "you know we are not going to win this round. Thank God, we can pack up and go back home.". Seriously. Hehe.

Few pictures on the semi finals. Ohh, we were wearing pink. Ooowwmaaiigaawwwdd, ladies so much la pakai pink je >,< Hehe

Through breaking rounds, we were trying to be flexible, not fix on one position. Previously, Bro Hilmi was the whip speaker. When Reyn replacing him, she was taking the first or the second. Me also, first and second cause I need to do reply. Izyan, second and third. This time around, I was the second.

dedicated prime minister I can tell

whats wrong with my face? NOOO

 FKP B, Amarul the best speaker

 "yang berhormat ni tak baca surat khabar ke?" Hehe

Finished our round already, hehe!

 waiting for the semi finals verdict
 3 lassies

Though, the only thing that we had in our mind was "GOING BACK HOME YES PLEASE" since the morning. When the result was announced I just finished with my praying when Izyan called me

 " Tyra please be quick, result is about to release".

 I was brisk walking when on my way to the motions room Izyan called me again 

"Dear, we are going to final." 

I was startled at first but then I just smiled and say Alhamdulillah. Hehe, ye lah memang tak nak masuk final tapi kalau dah rezeki bergolek depan mata ta kan tak bersyukur? Kan?

When I was about to reach the motions room, Izyan & Reyn were approaching and we were all hugging. Meeyyhhh, of course la so happy. It was unexpected that we'll go this far with so many problems and so on. Ahh, I hate it nobody took our pictures at that moment. It was precious. Ever. 

preparing for the final, abang2 medic giving their advices

Bro Amar, Bro Qayyum, Sis Syu, Bro Hazim,

Thanks to abang- abang medic for helping us out through the finals preparation. We appreciate it (=

 congratulations from Miss & yeah I love this picture <3

So, yeah final! Here we come! ^^

Things that we feel a bit upset about, the grand finals was not so grand. Err, I have no mean intention but as finalists we thought that management need to work out on that. Last year, the finalists were sponsored with clothes, they just need to debate on that night,  we can say that dorang dapat layanan first class la overall. But this this year, lemau sikit. Sedih tsk tsk tsk )'=

 on the audio room, testing the mic

 final stage was awaiting

cuak faces, hehe

 about to start

 im not sure whether this is the main speech or reply speech

 Reyn was in action

 POI please yang berhormat!!
 I cant remember what was happening

redha dengan kekalahan

Actually, there's one little secret that I want to reveal. Is it still consider as a secret when I openly talk about it? Nahh, hehehe. I hope u guys can extract a lesson from it. Actually, we kinda didn't want to go to finals, after we won the semi we were whining about going back home and not wanting to debate and all that which I could say, it shouldn't be said. Like hey, u never asked for it but u got it. Be thankful la. Those who are in dire want to go to finals but they can't make it? How do they feel about it? Banyak songeh pulak kan. At the moment, we didn't really think that way. Until we lost and we really feel the severe pain then we realize our mistakes but it was too late. We learned our lesson, hard way through. We cried, but that didn't change anything. 

After all, we still think it was not so bad. Hey at least we made it to final. 3 lassies that got final freak, but then we were still enjoying our moments. So to chill out, we went to McD lepaking and release the tense, laughing and having those priceless moments some more. Even it probably not immediately chasing the frustration but at least we still had a good time. Kan korang?

A massive thanks to Bro Aliff, the Mock Trial judge, was also the best speaker for the VC English Debate, for a big treat that night. We owe you big big time seriously! Bro Azuwa, Bro Hilmi, Bro Omar. Last but never the least, we can't never ever repay you Bro Shaher & Sis Ain (the spouse) HAHA. U guys are awesome. They were the one who be with us, beef us up through the hard time, channelled the strength, helped us with the preps, and almost everything I can say. Stand patiently especially with brat myself, I'm sorry for that. I just like being consoled by u guys my dear sis and bro (= Thanks sangat. Allah je boleh repay you guys for your deeds. May Allah bless u forever.

bro shaher!

 Sis with english debaters (:

Thank you to my teammates for your cooperation, stand & bear with me I know I pissed you guys off a lot. But still, u did great dealing with that. I owe u guys too, korang kena marah, I was pressuring you guys, Tyra mintak maaf sangat okay? )'= I love you all.

Special thanks I dedicated to all of you guys, Sis Syuhada, Sis Hakimah, Sis Aini and each and every one of you that facilitated, be with us through the time. Thank you, thank you very much. I have nothing to give, But ALLAH always has something to repay your kindness. Thanks for painting it with me, the beautiful memories that I'll never forget. 

Please keep this in your heart, I love you all. And please, never forget me in you du'a. Uhibbukum fillah, abadan abada (:


ElixirReyn said...

You're such a great narrator & debator.. love this entry <3 & love u too =)

Nazihah.Abdullah said...

Ini lagi sebak, hukhuk.

ukhwafillah <3

Tyra Hanim said...

I love you guys too (=

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brilliant debator are you..haha.. i see.