Saturday, June 16, 2012

Dear Diary ; U May Call This Old School (Y)


Yea, I know I'm in the middle of exam weeks but that doesn't hinder me from wasting my time online and goofing of here and there. Ahaha XD How are you guys doing? I hope ever thing's in fine and u are in pink of health, as fit as fiddle! Say what? Say alhamdulillah! (=

What we gonna talk about tonight, err I guess it's not night but morning. It's almost three, and I was struggling to finish the Hubungan Etnik book! Super duper boring, gloomy and dull. You name it u got it yeah. Reminds me to years back when I was in Form 5, the history stuff that never fail to doze me off whenever I read em for good. Sigh sigh. I was supposed to tell you what we are going to talk about tonight. It's about diary. Yeah, do u write one? I write it since my days on primary school. I just like to jot down things that happened to me on a particular book, it's like one place to rant anything on my mind. So, since we are now in the millennium era, accept it that we write almost everything online. 

No more diaries, no more beautiful fluffy(?) books where we use to write things that we always keep it inside. Twitter, facebook, blog have apparently succeed in taking its place. So sad... Well that happens to me too. No more such thing 

"dear diary, to day I had a bad day. I got scold by my teacher for got mathematics formula recited wrong and to be worst my crush laughed at me some more. How dare you! "

Admit it, that you used to write that too! ;p

Best kan time ada diary dulu-dulu, like if anyone happens to read it hey you're digging your own grave.  >,<

Even now, it seems old school. Writing pieces of your precious feeling on diary, I still practice it. Simply because I love it. Simply because I find it intriguing. You have your own space, like even you have your own blog where you can place and tell anything here, but U still got something that most likely you'll just want to keep it to yourself. Eg; Are u going to put your crush lists since you were in standard six until now in your blog? No, right? So, it served the purpose. On previous semester, we need to do that diary thingy and submit it to our lecturers, it's for our english class. So, I think I managed to create a remarkable masterpiece. Ehehe. Jum tengok!

Title : What family means to me
Title :  My Dream Vacation
 Ze cover =p
 overall comment isn't it?
I thought of putting some part of it here, so stay tune ye kawan- kawan? I'm not gonna make it in one entry cause It's gonna drag and too long. Till then lovelies! (=

Done with it, you're welcome to click the link right here Dear Diary II ; U May Call This Old School (Y)