Saturday, October 20, 2012

Street Library aka Buku Jalanan


Ya, saya masih lagi saya. I'm not abducted by any alien, being possessed all over my body and mind. Hehe, rajen kan post belog sekarang ni *angkat-angkat kening*

By the jalan, banyak sangat benda yang berlaku within a week. Mostly happy je semua, alhamdulillah. Terasa rajin je tangan nak menari- nari di keyboard ni bercerita dengan anda semua yang sudi membaca. Awwwhhh! Cehh, oh my malay! 

Thanks for those who read my previous post, wishing their condolence for what happened to me and my Alex, frankly saying I appreciate it (: Now Alex got a bunch of admirer lah pulak kan. Syabas my son! Muehehehe

Basically today,  was a packed day I can say. Starting at 8 o clock, I went to pidato final which InsyaAllah if I have an ample time I'm gonna update it very soon. I need to wait for the pictures first, telling stories with pictures wayyyyy merrier than merely writing it! I then rushed to HEP for debate training, went back home and get ready to go to Shah Alam for Street Library! Yeay!

My first time joining street library was a few months ago, at Barra, Shah Alam. It was nice though, having plenty of people sitting together, a panel presenting their points of view on a "selected book" and the floor will be opened for an extension discussion and flooding the ideas to be deliberated.. It wassssss sssoooooooooooo awesssooomeeee I swear! 

That was my first time. SO I decided to join it again this time around, and driving all the way from Nilai to Shah Alam (even it wasn't me who driving), Taman Tasik Shah Alam to be exact, to meet bunch of awesome and indeed brilliant people. Since it was raining there, so they decided to change the venue at Kedai Kopi. 

The title of the book was "Hikayat Abdullah", the panel was Mr. Nazreen aka Abun ( I don't how he was called with that name). The thing about these people is, dorang sempoi gila be it dressing, style, but definitely they are people with brain. So who is Abun? He is an active columnist of RocketKini, IRF (Islamic Renaissance Front) dude, few details that I got from the emcee. Didn't get much since I don't write any note! 

 Taken by Sally (:

Nice view from Kedai Kopi (:

 Green is Abun. Abun is green

 Bored Sally is bored, sorry honey! Kena jadi chaperon
 Here we are people! Happy 1st anniversary to "Buku Jalanan"

Fyi, Zikri was the founder of Buku Jalanan. Happy 1st anniversary Buku Jalanan! The motto so to say is "membenih ilmu mengakar pengetahuan". Suits the purpose isn't it? (:

I posted a weird question which was totally out of the topic. There was really something that triggered me to the question but, let me just keep it by myself. Afraid it will hurt the hell out of anybody. It wasn't something personal or sensitive, you know I'm just the type of girl who have these swimming questions,thoughts all over my mind, and it never stopped. 

" Do you think the act of you smoking is considered as a self liberation?"

At some point I think it sounds, absurd. Like, people have their very own choice right? I don't have problem with that, it's just me wanting to know (: So yeah....

It ended at 7 something, so we decided to wander around PKNS, Sally got herself a baju kurung chosen by me okay! Hehe. Poor Sally, being the chaperon for the whole day though,. This thing isn't her stuff, totally. She wasn't enjoying the session as much as I did. Sorry dear! 

 buluh buluh lampu hijau semua ada.
So we safely arrived home at 10 something, thank God it wasn't late so I have some time to finish some works for God sake, and lastly writing for you guys here.

Sorry the pictures are blur, well I don't have a DSLR ;p

I had a nice day today, not to forget tomorrow is time for WORKLOADS. It's time for hay hitting now! Thanks for spending ur time reading my piece (=

Selamat malam semuanya. Talk to you soon! (:

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