Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sepuluh Semester.


* I wrote this piece long time ago. Feeling like sharing it now, teheee -.-" *

So many people say, you're weak. You need to be strong. Nobody says you've been to strong, you just need to hold on.



Yesterday I had a presentation, an arabic subject, Fiqh Muamalat. Though I was originally from religious based school but my arabic is not good as in bad, maybe? I admit it is my weakness, verily. I was trying my best to deliver my substantive. Literally. Speaking fluently in arabic seems so hard for me. Was it a curse or something? Well, not saying my English either okay, but my arabic is at worst!

And I start thinking, this is what I'm frigging gonna go through another 7 semesters, 3 years and a half! If I make it, I'll be freaking impressed with myself. Even to survive till the very last semester, I think twice, thrice, triple, Am I going to make it?

I remember, this is one of the things that I want in my life. I used to deadly want it. Really. I rant to few friends, hella I'm gonna drop my course and prolly do cullinary or something fun maybe. Whatever I blundered, not even once I really want to do it. I was just hoping that people will tell me, that this is normal, and I'm doing fine. I just need a little more courage to embrace and everything... everything will be just fine.

Thing about growing up is to be able to make your own choice. I chose. I definitely do not want to regret it. This is what I used to want, and it will stay the way it was. Thank God, for giving me the chance to live this life. Yes, I'm strong enough to go through it. Things weren't easy for the past 20 years of my life, won't bother to go with it. All I need to do is keep moving, pray to ALLAH that He'll help me throughout the journey and everything's gonna be fine. YNWA remember? There'll always someone whose willing to help, someone who care. 

So dear friends,

Have u ever had your second thought about living your dream? What if once, u living it, you look behind, and wishfully want to step back and live another life?

I had it.

Btw, Dear Self. Happy Fourth Semester. Another six ahead. 

Happy new semester, I know it sounds so cliche and I hate the fact that I want to embrace it too. New spirit, new determination. Because we just had to, ain't we? (:

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