Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fly High


If I'm telling you this, you probably won't understand. Either you never try to communicate with your internal self or you never try to signify things that happen around you. To the smallest thing =p

I had this on my mind long time ago, when I was on my way home. After I endured a lot of things, struggled with hybrid of emotions. Dwelling in so much pain and self pity, and trying to get myself out of the dark hole. Well, I'm trying to walk through the tunnel by the dot of light now anyway. But yeah at least I find the dot to keep me going. I guess, it's getting bigger. The light. I hope so. 


 It was when we left Myanmar. Thing I love the most about flying is, you're leaving a strange land that you had been. It has taught a lot of new life lessons to you. Meeting different people living different ways of life from you. You had your eyes for some that you wish you could bring them home, or that temporary feeling actually left you with a lot of things to wonder. Sweetheart stranger. Of your eyes hooked to someone special you wish it never happened.

Ultimately amazing memories and companions, of moments you wish you could remember every second of it. You wish you could live it again another life. Of journey that you never thought you will pass by. People, places, moments, memories, laughter, smiles, anxiety, excitements, blessings, flashing in your minds one by one. Your feeling is about to explode, but your tears won't stream down because they're all good things that took place after all. There was no regret. You just enjoy the ride, you're content. It hurts to say goodbye but at the same time you thank all the beautiful reminiscences. 

And of approaching the land, or the place where you know you belong to. You have this faith that you gonna come again, see the same places, might be with different persons, different you that are coming but everything, everyone happened is worth keeping. Deep in your heart.

You smile. You shiver, anxiety of leaving a remarkable journey. Not to forget the excitement of eventually going back home. That feeling. And you fly high, so high.