Monday, April 14, 2014

The Great Gatsby & Life Story


They said, reading and writing, could be ample therapy. Let me try. 

Last night I just got the chance to watch The Great Gatsby. Lame Tyra is lame. It was a bit similar to Titanic, I think. What I mean by similar is, the struggle of a forbidden love between two persons(Titanic did this too) are basically the storyline is about, the scenes pretty much so classical and vintage, remarkably rich and elusive too. The same person, which brings you down to the memory lane, Sir Leonardo Dicaprio. The ending was utterly resemble, the hero was dead in the water. Except for this one he was shot to death, in Titanic Leonardo Dicaprio was dead out of extremely and unbearable cold water. As if he was the same guy, gold heart, big dreams, kind yet innocent. A guy with vision and that is what keeps him living everyday. Thing about both movies is, you will feel this unexplainable odd expression, it was so beautiful, carved with thousand of untold feelings and dreams. Too bad wasn't a happy ending. Well that's always life, I suppose.

It's like a living proof that persons with good heart always end up being lonely, and not appreciated though how much they've done to many. It teaches me sometimes, your long struggle and dreams live in a form of human being and u misunderstood it as love. And you thought that, that gonna liberates yourself and free you from sickening painful past, wipe out your endless suffering but it is not. So many times, love deceives you, so often you contain hopes for love that you forget you chain yourself to something so indefinite. You lost. Big mansion, pretty face, goddess fame but empty soul, alas solitary. 

So much that I dun believe in love, yet I miss that one person on the other half of the world! Irony.

Let's talk about real life a bit. People say distance sucks, distance makes your heart grow fonder, distances give a bitch slap on your face. Indeed they were right. On top of that, please come back safe and sound. My heart, I'm afraid it couldn't afford worrying any worse. 

And school & struggle, so many things yet so little strength. Something must sucked it up that I was left empty without it. God Lord, remind me again why I'm doing all these. 

Keep the faith, keep climbing. It's all about the climb.