Sunday, December 14, 2014

#Zine 2 ; Kekasih


Who else have flowing of thoughts and ideas when it is 330 am in the morning?


Kini tinggal aku seorang
Merenung mimpi kita tak kesampaian
Ku cuba gapai bayang impian
Terluka tanganku ditusuk serpihan

Kasihku mungkin tak tercukupkan
Maafkan khilafku serba kekurangan
Telahku cuba ukir kepercayaan- menanam sebanyak sayang
Untuk suatu hari nanti aku hadiahkan

Mungkin nanti kalau kita bertemu
Takkan kau jumpa senyum dirautku
Bukanlah juga telah kulupakan dirimu
Hanya kusesali sayang yang kumula simpan

Namun nanti setelah 
kulepaskan terbang
Jerit namaku- takkan ku toleh lagi kebelakang.

TYRA. 13/12/2014 - 550 am 

Hero- less HEROIN


I've been watching movies, to seek some inspiration, to release some loads, to restore faith in love and life as cliché as it sounds. I'm a crybaby when it comes to movies, I take it personally, I'm feeling it more than I think I am.

These days have been tough, tell me when life isn't? It has always been like that, no chance at nothing at all. So one day I watch this movie coach carter, it was one of the best inspiring movies to me, I got goosebump watching it. Richmond High School where the place was set up, only graduated half of his students and only six percent of them go to college. Most of them go to jail, that just how their neighborhood was. When Coach Ken Carter took the job he intended to have this special young group of students to be different, he went through a really rough patch doing what he did with so less supports from almost everyone around him. The school, the neighbourhood, parents, even the boys themselves (well at first), everybody did the trash talking, undermining his efforts; said his methods were a bit extreme when he didn’t allow the boys to play ball unless they've met the required CGPA and honour few other clauses in the contract as they did sign.

I'm not attempting a movie summary here, and there goes the rest of the movie. Coach Carter succeeded in executing his plans after all.

The movie inspired me the most; it was honest, philosophical, and biblical. I took a lesson or two from it. That’s just one.

Then I came to think that every movie that we watched, none of them portrayed a smooth sailing journey of a person, if you've watched The Vampire Diaries, Elena lost every single person that she ever loved except for his two boyfriends because they were immortal obviously, they were vampires anyway. What else, Abraham Lincoln- The Vampire Hunter, her mother was killed by a vampire in front of his eyes back then when he was a little boy, he grew up holding the revenge finally found ways to throw em to hell hole. How much he strived the be the man he was, he had his only child killed, he dedicated his life to his nation rather than just to himself and the man he became was a remarkable President of the United States. Homeless to Harvard, the title reads it. That was a homeless earned every penny of scholarship studying at Harvard. What else?

It just shows that in life we are inflicted with challenges and struggles, everyone is struggling, you just don’t know. Stop thinking that you are carrying the burden of the whole world. One thing at a time you definitely can nail it. So I take it this way, don’t worry if you've riding jumpy bumpy life, keep going, don’t give up just yet, I bet you still remember Miley’s words ‘you gotta be strong, just keep moving on.’ If you’re not going through enough hardships, your life stories might not be worth watching, if your life  doesn’t incur sweats, tears and bloods to get to the place you've been dreaming maybe you don’t live a life worth living.

Be your own hero, a heroin doesn't need a hero all the time.