Sunday, July 19, 2015

Yer lost, baby.


Hello there, no I definitely do not write why and how IMF is a bad guy or whether I think Wawasan 2020 is achievable with the stake that Malaysia is going right now in the blog. This is the place where I rant, losing it a bit though. So here's another story.

You can't help but got a bit distracted seeing your peers got engaged and getting hitched while yours just crumbled, creeps out of the window. Congrats, you guys made it.

Quite honestly, I do not consider myself young, what I'm looking into a relationship is a real deal, like how much we can help each other to grow being the best version of us. Or how do we accommodate everyone of us in life and rather figuring out means to provide well founded support system ever existing to you and me.

And I wanna be with someone that I'm passionate about, someone who is too, passionate about something. Someone who is doing more than just a living, whose filling a bigger cup, reckon some social responsibility at hands. I wanna be with someone who is inspiring and see me some other times in a while as an inspiration. I'm not afraid of commitment if I think he's the right person. By heart and my very rational calculus.  .

Commitment should be mutual, if I did my part why can't you execute yours? I can't imagine being with one person who can't even accomplish just the very threshold of life plans, the probability of defaulting in the future is just huge as mountain Everest. As typical as it sounds, actions speak louder than words. Something that I always look forward to. So these days, I learn. I learn to try looking at life with the probability of living it alone. I try to find ways to provide everything on my own. I try to figure it out by myself. Space that I won't get by clouding my mind that one day I'll settle. Maybe my pride matters than everything else.

Because if you don't put your best efforts to get me, yer lost, baby.

always relatable

Friday, June 19, 2015



How are doing, how are you feeling? How's life has been treating you? Does it play no mercy again? Yeah I know, me too. What's so surprising about it? It has been like that forever isn't it?

I don't particularly have anything in mind, just feeling like writing. I miss the writer in me like a lot. Life has becoming to this point, mundane and tasteless. You barely feel something beautiful, but just the anxiety of surviving and to keep breathing the next day. Suffocating is an understatement.

I've been secluded myself from a lot of things to commit to my fourth year of law school, which at the very same time other law schoolers now are thinking about their career prospects because they are at the finishing line. And yes of course their law schools are legitimate.

Few things that happened to me that I start to ponder what is the meaning of tertiary education or what is the meaning of studying in a university? I mean if you were forced to take up outdated syllabus of your professional course that might be one of the contributing factors why your law school didn't pass and you complain about it - it means you are questioning the integrity of the senate.

Or if you don't agree with the teaching method of some lecturers especially when they asked you to prepare slides and present in substantive lecture it means you fail to adapt to the teaching styles.

I mean who cares if I question the senate's integrity because you are up there to serve us the students and put aside all those bureaucracy for the sake of best interest of the students.

But I have no choice but to swallow it cause I don't want anything else from this but to get out of this place before I even notice it.

Maybe I'll write longer but I need to get straight with my studying regime for now.

Till then.